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dividualism which began from that hour, intellectual independence was bound to go to the wall if it came into conflict with Church or

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Plica Polonica, the unsightly disease of matted hair, was introduced into Poland by the Mongol invasion (12S7). In a passage in the Codex Lat. 25060

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tliin after the phosphorus is put in, and there will be no danger ; altliough the chlorate of potaah is considered a dangerous arti-

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ged ID the invcfltigation of the mcdJctoal quolitica of the plaou genouv to it, and highlv estimable ia ihe practice of medicine.

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interessantesten Konstruktionen derselben und sonstiger hieraui beziighcher Notizen von A. Daul, .... Mit 57 Illustrationen.

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it will take about 3 bushels of clean sharp sand and 1 of lime to fill the crevices without swelling the bulk of the gravel. If liie

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which have thus a profound scientific appearance, are only the commonest remarks in the jargon of a system. As it could not escape the most superficial observers

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field of usefulness is continually wdening. and it bids fair to become a very im])ortant branch of therapeutics. The use of zinc ions for

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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The enclosed status report (Fnrlosure 1), prepared by the Public Health Service

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jenseits des Oceans für eine Pflicht der akademischer Lehrer hält, diesen Sinn schon hei der medizinischen Jugend zu erwecken! Die vorliegende Eröffnungs-

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marked quantity of red blood cells. Examination for bacillus of tubercle negative. As the kidney was freely mobile, enlarged and

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wind-pipe is impeded by his head being confined by the bearing rein. The road horse again suffers chiefly in his limbs from hard

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(1S90) and Englished by Carl H. von Klein, the Westcar (Lesser Berlin) papyrus, translated by Adolf Erman (1890), the Kahun papyri of the Petrie

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pathetic feeling, "I think too much of my country to place myself Other prominent American physicians of the early period were Georpe

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sent pa operer dins bien des siecies, ce qu'un seul homme pouvait faire en un jour en sun ant cette tr.etbode. Iiyppo- crate est le premier et peut-eire Ig seul Fhiiosophe de I'Anti-

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facets are placed over the pedicles and the anterior root of the transverse processes. They are nearly circular, slightly convex and face upward

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l'aisselle (d'après Hans Folz, Spruch von der Pestilenz, Nürnberg 1482). L'auteur a recueilli encore un certain nombre de figurations allégoriques

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Therap. in the med. dept., Med. Coll. of Univ. of Ala., and of Mat. Med. and Bot, dept. of Pharm. ; mem. Miss, legisl. (1876); Am.

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fattening, that is, for the increase of Hesh and fat. Beer, which is known to have a fattening effect, according to Liebio, contains no oil. Rice contains from 0'13 to 1'05

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sorum in precedentibus, quasi sine barba. Et sicut rosa excellit omnes flores, ita iste liber excellit omnes practicas medicinae, quia erit pro pauperibus di-

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1894 Crookshank, Francis Graham, M.D. Lend., Barnes, s.w. 1895 Crosby, Arthur Henry Pascal, ClirisI church, New Zealand.

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measure. In the year 1852 he became aware of the presence of a calculus, but not until 1872 did he ask for medical assistance. He explained that he

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Essig ; stinkender Polei mit Graupen ; Ackerwinde mit Bocksfett oder Wachssalbe; die Blätter sammt den Stengeln der haarigen Sonnenwende;

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the laryngeal region. He was gradually got to emit a few sounds in a low voice. He was sent, April 26, to Pres-a- goutriere. He was now somewhat vocal, but at times would

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ti)tntlc<t widi blood, which «v«nlunlly bccomefl dark and titv. xtl. tain periods, und they become liirgcr iind lirraer, in )>TtK niuwa.

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Dr. Hamill died from heart failure July 21, 1886. His widow and three sons, one of whom is Ernest A. Hamill, a banker, survived him.

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Journal of Illinois State Historical Society, Vol. XVIII, No. 1. 1925. P. 18, 19, Edward Mead, M. D. the Pioneer Neuropsychiatrist of Illinois. Geo. H.

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salary, and not always were they reimbursed by the corporation. When the main University of Illinois was opened in 1868 in Urbana, a

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einnahm. Während des ersten Aufbtandes der Strelitzen verbreitete sich das Gerücht, dass die Arzte den Zar Feodor Alexeijewitz vergiftet hatten,

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Sedatives are most obviously indicated, and the whole medicine has had its sanguine advocates, and each has, at different times, succeeded. The refrigerants are

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pay in full. If the revenues fall short the bondholders will lose, and if they exceed the overplus is to be paid into the State treasury, to be

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Force, by Professor Sa.mi'EL Jackson, M. 1)., of the University of Penn>ylvania. With illus- trations on wood. In one very handsome octavo volume, extra cloth, of 336 pages. $2 25.


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