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Johnson, Robei't George, 21, St. James's, Hatcham. s.e. Johnson, William Jerold Greaves, Lonsdale Hospital. Barrow-in- Johnson, Wm. John, M.D. Lond., Sheford, Bedfordshire.
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tanho-escuro, com dois pontes brancos anteriores, as vezes pouco nitidos. Palpos e pernas pardos, uniformes. Abdomen oval curto, castanho-escuro,
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[participating in a seemingly very hazardous study], they rationalize, "Well, I wouldn't do it, but it's all [T]he public will allow the investigator to go a lot
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Fellow and former President of the College, in conjunction Avith the Lord Luniley, founded the Lumleian Lecture in Surgery,
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is exceedingly soft; a colloid mass is, however, firm and resisting; al- though not apt to be produced elsewhere, these gi'owths may obtain an
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Contrast Chapter VII, where water (k BaOuraTccv irriyfuv is affection which they think is caused by Heaven, and to be yevojiievoi €k tov iyKecpdXov 7rapa7T\T]KTiKov<i
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7 ni heigin sgoltadh na mball ele, minab mor e, 7 adeir se nach (25) Item adeir Auicenna nach fuilngenn [in craidhi] urcoid
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a favorable case, and the opinion that : Excisions of the humenti slmft, although not often required, yet in some instances are advisable, and the cases
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of the pastern of young animals is considered as horsepox. This is usually accompanied by a slight elevation of temporature. Treat-
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vonxitLug) ; and the Arabs, d houwah (hurricane). It is evidently caused by a noxious malaria arising from human or animal decomposi-
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\hore the Benedictines had a cloister and a hospital (820), and the riendliest relations are said to have existed between the clergy and
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passages are involved, producing cough, expectoration, tuberculous de- generation and death. The teeth may fall out, and the gums be ab-
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N.S. , H. A. Lafleur, Montreal ; James Bell, Montreal ; J, Appelbe Parry Sound, Ont. ; F. F. Eaton, Truro, N.S.; J. VV. St'rlin''
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1 Sec his "Principles of Surgery," 1801, vol. i. pp. 421-420. thing like Hunter in his youthful pranks, and became demonstrator
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member of the committee on practical medicine. The same year he was one of the organizers and first officers of the Adams County Medical Society. He was
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right noninfused kidney; control - collections obtained prior to the infusion of cholera toxin and bicarboante: CT •¥■ HCOi - collections obtained during
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warm bath, friction, sternutatories, and every means calcu- Serapion, Rhases, Avicenna, Haly Abbas, and Alsaharavius, agree in stating that the smallest dose of opium which will
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average of puberty in large cities and country districts, it being clearly ascertained that the females in the former mature from
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eau potable principalement de l'étang; de Tirumukulam, dans lequellcs lépreux se baignent et lavent leur linge! Des mesures ont été prises par le conseil
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females who come to lay their eggs. The water in cisterns or tanks is not affected for drinking or washing purjioses by this ajiplication if only
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groups A, C, and Y, serological and clinical testing of inorganic and organic, sites of gastrointestinal absorp- vasodilatory effect of gastric inhibitory polypeptide
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than is seen under conservative treatment on other lines. In Enteric a distinct fall of temperature, which rose slowly again next day. The
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braised and applied as a poultice to indolent, intractable ulcers, even when of many years' standing, wiU produce most immediate and de-
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recognized as the structural and physiological unit in all living organisms, whether animals or plants, simple or complex, embry-
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$«Aiw, ' I love,' and i it iKt), ' medicine.' An ama- ology — p. Ilermetica, Alchymy — p. per Ignein, ral narrowness of the opening of the prepuce, so 'i
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geschichtlichen Teill) weist er nach, dass das Katkauen in Abessinien schon im J. 1332 sehr verbreitet war. Als dann bespricht er die Kultur, den Gebrauch
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Thus we read in the Sastras : — "A woman, though at a objects ; all this takes place in little or no time. The above a view to render him insensible and, when completely
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more favorable opportunity for growth and the fertilization of the ground fed over is more complete and systematic. Hurdles may be
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doctrine was maintained unchanged in the thirteenth century by Johannes Actuarius, the last of the Byzantine writers, whose elab-
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many long tunnels en route south - - and the lengthy explanation Max Kelso was subsequently obliged to give. Which reminds us
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The stories recounted in Wole's house about the fearful spiritual battles the faith- emboldened parsonage and its legendary occupants like Rev J. J. Ransome-Kuti had
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expression is anxious, it indicates disease of the heart and dyspnoea ; forms of fever ; the skin is white in anosmia, yellow in jaundice and
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descriptions of lithotomy, lithotrity, amputations for gangrene Siud dislocations, including fracture of the pelvis and a mention of
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the rule of practice, which, as I have stated, was established by Mr. Abernethy, about forty years ago, namely, that, in cases
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patic-iit swoons, ami not unfrequently does not awake from tho fainting- fit. On this very point I have had an cxiterienee in my ]>rivate prac
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. hy administering Urge doses of the fluid extract of belUdonna and Define endometritis. Give causes, symptoms and treatment of acute
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formerly honorary secretary of the Huddersfield Medical Society, where he read a number of practical papers bn ophthalmic subjects, some of


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