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by aconite, and exalted heart action subdued by veratrum viride. The administration of these remedies was seldom required more than a few times. In obviously fatal cases from this as well

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baum (1887), of fibrinous pneumonia by Nicolaus Gamaleia (1888), of chan- croid by Auguste Ducrey (1889), of influenza by Richard Pfeiffer (1892),

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a large tank reinforcement camp and an aerodrome each about tAvo miles aAvay, Avliile a small tOAvn about the same A igood supply of pure Avater Avas obtained from an artesian

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asunder, and this weight is thus sustained by the soft parts between the divided ends of the bone. Though in a much better condition than where the

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to the Demos,' which Hippocrates saw inscribed at the head of every decree, and heard proclaimed in every assembly." 1 The fundamental error of medieval medical science, as Guy

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ter in a soft, digestible, and movable condition. We will bruise, poison, ligate, kink, or twist the colon from the caecum to the

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lated an instance of bone pegging for a fracture of the neck of the femur. An incision was made over the greater trochanter and an external plaster

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ttbianaUi||MtoPti>eycuiibc traced Trom Uieaaujt farupthc M>rlK>. This is a very commoii and a very troublesome dtseaae: Giir.xi|.

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quantities of both in an ampulla, then dry in the hot sun, and smear the inward part of the eyes with that. sharper. If thou addest honey thereto, that is of good

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sore with a decoction of camomile in water, and the root of the wild dock. But some burn the sore with heated irons. They

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symptoms of Vata-vasti manifest themselves. The sup- pression of the feces leads to the aggravation of the local VAyu which, in its turn, produces a distension of

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ism, diminution of granuloma formation and of allergic responses, diminished resistance to infection). Conversely, STH enhances a variety of defensive reactions in the target

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' general of a gross and viscid phlegm. Except in very particu- lar cases lie disapproves of bleeding. He approves in general

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tives and diuretics fail to maintain cardiac compen- sation: yet in several instances digitalis has restor- should stay in bed for four to six weeks. A leading

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in themselves may soon ruin any flock, but they, too, often co- exist with the microbe of infectious septicaemia, and, when this

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of each 1 oz. ; infuse in 6 pints of water, simmer the mix- ture till reduced to 4 pints ; then add 6 lbs. of treacle, boil

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nette, who resigned because of age and infirmities. Dr. Newbill will take charge Jan. 1st. Dr. Newbill is assistant professor of psychiatry at the University School

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as a sign of lung wound, except in conjunction with other symptoms. ■sGnoSS. A System of Surgery, Philadelphia, 1872, p. 447.

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handles of the tongs strand sufficiently apart that you may put on a link or ring to hold all firmly ; then put into the

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Collection de documents pour servir à l'histoire des hôpitans: de Pari«, par Cil. Quentin. Paris 18S1. - Inventaire des Archives hospitalières antérieurs

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to this object our chief attention must be directed. The natural, and sometimes the bilious, vomiting will point out the necessity of giving emetics. These are our

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is dead. When bom alive, it is weak and puny, and usually dies or is destroyed within a few days. When the attendant fails to give the animal the necessary attention, or is careless

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p.iny statisticians. Among the company's male industrial policyholders of ages 20-24 the mortality rate was ,50 per (int higher than it was for the fir.st quarter of 1950.

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rich in substances which in normal animals combine with thyroid secretion in the blood and prevent the occurrence of thyroid intoxication. It may be

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properly estimate marital eligibility. Their first duty is to engage the services of a competent physician, who will by proper treatment restore

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Erwägungen einer so beschaft'enen Haut auch Nachtheile zu. Man glaubte, der Körper sei wegen Unterdrückung der Hautsecretion innern Schädlich-

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academy at Newport, Ky., and at Madison, where he had, as he says, "for a year and a half, the almost inestimable advantage of a private

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pom de temperament bilieux. Les maladies auxquelles sont sujets les individus qui en sont doues, presentent en eflet, tantot comme circonstance accessoire, ou complication, le

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comparing the potency of these cups with other tissues of the mare. Most of the early workers studying the changes in the endometrium of the

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too, if there exists among the subtleties of your character any dark spot, exert all your moral strength in order to eradicate it. Surround

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getable kingdom. In the animal, the hart's horn, the crab's claws, the mother of pearl, and coral, are distin- unless capable of absorbing acids, are of little utility in

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pour les égyptiens, Isis et Osiris, qui représentaient la lune et le soleil. On chercha, de bonne heure, dans le feu, un symbole du soleil: et c'est

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chloride of tin. (Said to be of a finer colour, ami more a" oz. of cream of tartar, in 16 oz. of ram water, till reduced

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records a disaster, forced correction being quickly followed by gangrene, extending up to a point just above the ankle, and necessitating amputation

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(2) A 0-4 per cent of pure sodium chloride in double distilled water is prepared for dilution of the cerebrospinal Huid. The latter is

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darauf besteht Yachten, Pferde und Jockeys auszusenden, lüe andere übereegeln, überlaufen, bekämpfen und den übrigen Teil der SchöpfuQg

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declassify data from human experiments for inclusion in a history of Manhattan Project medical research as part of a group of publications called the National

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Latm, Greek, and English classics, in fact, should not be allowed to matriculate in medicine except he possess the B.A. or B So.

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from whence it is conveyed by pipes to the different Baths in the other rooms. To the Buxton and Cold Baths are receffes for pumping on any particular pjirt.

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where the gvnvrul coDBtitutiou is vigorous, there is no the Vital Functions," will be found various observaLiooa, tending to prove the utility of galvanism in one form of

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had formed a syndicate against them, the physicians themselves The latter, as Forgue says, 1 would sometimes join with the

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Eburite [e'-biir-it) \_ebur, ivory]. An artificial ivory Eburnated (e-bur'-na-ted) \_ebur, ivory]. A term ap- Ecclasis [ek-kla'-sis) \).KK'ka.v, to break in pieces]. A

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An account by Carpenter of the Algerian Aissaoui contained the follow- ing lucid description of the performances of these people : —

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poured all over him, till he was drenched, making per- fusion as near immersion as possible, with the understand- ing that if he died, this was to stand for Baptism, but if


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