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Prochaska quotes the case of a woman of Milan who attracted children to is the record of a boy named Jean Granier, who had repeatedly killed and

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XXXV, 456 et Arch. f. Schiffs- tuid Tropen-Hygiene, ßd. VI, 309) croyiit Having lately come across a curious document on this subject I

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one of the evils of this taking lads into religious orders before they have passed through their hot youth, and known what sexual desire

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Pavy, Penzoldt, Roberts, Rubner, Saccharimeter , Schiff, Silver Gluzinske's Test for Bile Pigments. Boil the solution for £

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to overawe them by long tirades of technical drivel, which only con- cealed his ignorance of what he supposed to be their diseases.

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chanterien, Quadratus femoris — i. Spino-trochan- ISCHNOPHO'NIA, from i<7 X vo S> 'slender.' and urine, Suppres'sio lo'tii, Paru'ria retentio' uis ;

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And that the works of Hippocrates stand in need of illustration is rendered apparent from the number of commentaries which

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c Union med. et sclent, du nord-est, Reims, 1882, vi., 276. and the reflexes showed no abnormality. The asymmetry was first observed

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sac : it is not only a long time before a cure can result, but it is exceedingly painful and by no means certain. In operating, he uses

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iEsculapius as possible, and were otherwise not lacking in the self- sufficiency which characterized the Greeks of the period. We may

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bark of the tree is the portion used. White oak bark is the one chiefly used in medicine. It is of a pale brownish color, faintly odorous, very

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Torrefac'tion. Drying by means of high artificial heat. Torsiometer, tor-se-om'-et-er. An apparatus for determining the declination of the vertical and horizontal meridians of the eye.

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and has since been tested in thousands of cases., is, in itself, as reliable a specific as quinine in malarial infection, and is moreover a valuable prophylactic, in

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3 STKOMEYER (L.) (Erfahrungeu iiber Schusswunden im Johre, 1866, Hannover, 1867, S. 47) remarks : "For shot fractures of the dyaphysis of the

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wdhrend der Btlagerung von Paris vom 19 September, 1870, bis 5 Miirz, 1871, Erlangen, 1872); MOSETIG (V.) (Erinnerungen aus dem Deutsch-Fran-

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dugout, killing Charlie Stagg and burying the other occupants. The survivors were rescued and the bearers went forward shortly after.

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qui se plaisent sur-tout dans cette partie, l'ont observé avec moi, et ont examiné le fait avec la plus scrupuleuse attention. L'un d'eux très expert

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and as a result the attack came near terminating fatally. By lifting the rib, that is by correcting the rib lesion, the irritation was relieved and

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the ankylostomnm, but near the equator, but in the anterior half, in the American species. For preserving specimens for subsequent examina-

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the larynx was prompt and easy, while that of hearing GcN. IV. with the organ of voice ww nlwKjrit difficult, nod bnt slowM

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buried (p. 212). Turkey was a cheap and plentiful country, under the law of Mahomet, whose tricks Boorde shows-up (p. 214-16).

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in basic science research, "which is still remarkably strong." The mid-1980s saw the growth of public health ment of multiple clinical departments and chairs and

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For athletes the following dieting has been recommended: Break- fast at 8; the lean of mutton or beef without fat, dry toast, biscuit

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fourth tin, the fifth copper, and the last iron. So amongf transmuted metals the first is part with part, then lead ashes, next latoii, afterwards casting brass,

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Persistence of a high glycaemic concentration with a tendency to a gradual rise of the renal threshold while the patient is on a rational diabetic diet is

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[Added later] There was one thing they had in common: The Aramco medical repsonsibility was low on their list of concerns. From my

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question is not very clearly stated by Hippocrates, and on that account it has excited the observation of almost all the commen-

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Whenever any other voluntary movement was carried out (even slight finger movements of the left hand or of the right or left foot while lying in bed) this right-sided convulsive

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110 History of Illinois. Ford. S. S. Griggs & Co. Chicago, 1854. Pages The earliest physicians of Vincennes, aside from Drs. Laffont and

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I then cabled CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Atlanta to please have somebody meet that plane at Kennedy and help our

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poly, and <papiiaKov, 'a medicine.' The prescrib- and Touj, ToiJof, 'a foot,' owing to its many roots. This fern grows in the clefts of rocks, walls, 4c.,

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The following remarks from Captain Gardiner s work appear to " The conversation which took place I will now relate, as nearly

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ment is from a straitness of the orifice of the prepuce. 6. DYSPERMATI'SMUS EPILEFTICUS, from epileptic fi:s DYSPIIO'NIA, (from fa, difficulty, and <fni>, the

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octavo, extra cloth, 53:2 pages, with plates. S3 00. tra cloth, Of TOO pages, with 300 wood-cuts. - I 00. Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence, Dentistry.

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pulmonary form resembles the human type. McFadyean on his part adduces a number of cases of tuberculosis in horses that had been fed largely on cows' milk, a most significant fact con-

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