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A substance obtained by Auger by interaction of for- Harris to the nucleic acid isolated by them from the embryo of wheat. It has the formula C„H|;|N, ,.,(>„,
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which are distributed particularly to the posterior below to the inner side of the tuhero!<ity of the I S C H 1 C E ' L E, AcA iatt>ee'le, hch indoreWf,
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Board, and sub.sequenc]y he received the degree of M.D. from Dr. Bull began his career as a practitioner at the Village of
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sliifrffisIiiicEfi : tlic liftart and puIsR In'at efowly, respirations aro rare, ihc ixiwcls constipated, sccrclioo of urine scanty, and, perliaps aa a
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II. Mr. Meerman's Account of the firft invention of the art. An appendix is annexed, i. On the fir[t-printed Greek books. 2.
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Clarke reports, September 11, 1873, that "the ball passed through the left testicle, and thence just back of the head of the right
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The cecum corresponds to the right iliac and right lumbar region. The base is slightly below McBurney's point. Its position is variable,
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arranged as to convey the effused blood on inclined planes toward the right iliac fossa; if the blood is poured out from a wound on the left side, it is more likely to run down into
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the puerperium. Induced abortion with its 100 per cent foetal mortality is unjustifiable, as is also the tapping of a tumour either through the
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du corps humain 5ont combines dans l'acte de la nutrition et de la generation d'une maniere que la chimie ne peut imiter :
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agents as are known to produce eosinophilia. Giffin's case came to autopsy and an examination showed myeloid metaplasia of the spleen and great excess
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a;if«'« (Illus Diet.). P. Benzamid. See Be-nzaniliil soluble in alcohol and ether, boils at 314° C. Syn., P. Chloroform, C5H5. CCI3, a liquid with penetrating
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enrollment in research and standard or conventional treatment, was one of the major problems identified by the Advisory Committee in our Research Proposal
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the morning of September 25th, 1863, from .ipnoea. At the autopsj', eight hours after death, the fact was revealed that the sheath
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the predisposing causes could in the slightest degree support. At last Boerhaave supposed it no foreign sub- stance introduced, but a lentor or viscidity in the blood
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fissures are all in a state of progress towards being filled up by bone; and the patients must have survived their respective injuries months, if not years. These crania are said to have
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which arc illustrated by skiagrams, is that in thin, parous women the nipples may cast shadows which are apt to be confused with those of tuberculous
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which, being considered as the emblem of plighted fidelity, is therefore called a true-love knot : a name which is not derived, as one would
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the temperature of the body, a systolic murmur may be heard on ausculta- tion; the rhythm of the heart becomes irregular, and pulsation of the
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add 5 c.c. of 5f,r aqueous solution of oxalic acid; saturated jiicric acid sohnion, 150 c.c. saturated acid resorcin in 200 c.c. water; heat (o ihe boiling-point
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of depression. He was put on thyroid extract (Green's treatment was in doses measuring from gr. | to gr. I, t.d.s. ; according to Green, the effect of thyroid extract is more
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conscious Eternity — Traits of Commonalty and Diversity. — Comparison of the Philosophy of A'yurveda with that of Samkhya as well as with the
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Au mai prochain une exposition générale pour la provision hygiénique du lait se tiendra à Hambourg. A cette exposition sera représenté l'histoire de tout
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Virginia, .June 20tli, 1864, by a conoidal ball, wliicli entered the niaBtoid proeess (if the temporal bone, and passed upward and
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described in the Nidina of Midhava Kara, and to which it is tt companion volume. Its author deals chiefly with vegetable
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measure. In the year 1852 he became aware of the presence of a calculus, but not until 1872 did he ask for medical assistance. He explained that he
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cuss the arrangement of the surgery, the preparation of bandages, instruments, and so forth. Then follows as to whether there is a real connection, or whether
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and the argimient of the Theoria Generationis (1759) are far in- ferior to jMalpighi's w'ork, Wolff surpassed himself in the memoir
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ascites, makes its appearance ; debility increases, the urinary secretion becomes more inefficient, urea and other excrementitious matter accu-
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tute a better equipment for the teacher and consultant. He inspired his students with enthusiasm for letters, and taught them
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increased, till stertorous breathing set in on the morning of (October 2d. The treiihine was now a)i))lied over the seat of
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great value in saving hfe, and also in relieving much distress and G. Duncan Wliyte" records a study of 215 cases of cholera treated
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etc.) which can affect, selectively, certain pathwav-; called, however, that the G-A-S is a useful, normal jiliysiologic reaction to stress; only its derailments
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Page 22. (Dr. Sibley accompanied other expeditions of these explorers.) .Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. By Sergeant Patrick Gass, 1904.
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a graduate of the Chicago Medical College and a post-graduate student in the He was born in New York City, February 20, 1849. He matriculated at the
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pbyma. But Arcliigenes applies to meliceris apbronitrum, and double the quantity of hellebore, with hard cerate. But sep-


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