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alas caeruleis , nitidulis. Abdomen fuscum, apice pla- densissime verticillato pilosae, fuscae, primo articu- caerulei, nitidi femoribus subtus testaceis. Alae al-

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Mr. Levin. The NIAID request shows $281 million for 1984, com- pared with $273 million for 1983. So if there is going to be heavy

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by a foetid discharge of matter mixed with streaks or spots of Treatment. — Cleanliness, fresh air, plain nutritious diet, regu-

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The reporter is satisfied that the missile made a direct and not a circuitous course. PAlLLARri (Note in DliruYTKEN s Lemons orales, T. VI, p. 4(i)

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Virus (NIVAC-JEV) Vaccine and a Recombinant Canarypoe- Question: Please provide a description of any DoD plans for research to determine if the

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at first and he explained that he had heard noises and sing- ing in his head, pointing to the left ear where there was an

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Longis'simits oc'uli, (F.) Optico-troclihi ecleroti- I'ocll, 0. siiperieur de I'ceil, Amoureiix (Muscle,) is and when it arrives opposite the internal orbitar i

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liberality, he will no more ask or demand that the wife be eternally domiciled within the walls of home than he would thus himself

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Long Kiver" may be fictitious, but he gave a correct statement of the custom of some tribes when he wrote: "The savages that live upon the

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Journal of Illinois State Historical Society, Vol. XVIII, No. 1. 1925. P. 18, 19, Edward Mead, M. D. the Pioneer Neuropsychiatrist of Illinois. Geo. H.

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and the subsequent absorption of the blood and the develop- ment of pigmentary degeneration were the same as on the Western Front, as were also the cases of profuse intra-ocular

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FIRST EDITION OF THE FIRST 8 CHAPTERS OF A. UOORDE'S DIETARY. 395 It now remains to say a few words about the relative ages of the

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sheep, dog, and rabbit. Young animals are best adapted for its The blood and serum of animals suffering from cow-pox possess

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Carolin.a, a gunshot fracture of the lower jaw, by a conoidal ball, which tooth, and, on the left side, as far hack as the second nn)lar. He was

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Clinical Chemistry and Microscopy sent for psychotherapy. Early carcinoma has been J. M. Feder, M.D. \ A H q r found in some of these patients called neurotic.

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appliance permits the arm to be kept at rest without materially interfering with the circulation and evoking the fatal facility for gangrene observed

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The whole of the pages of the MS. have been ruled by a characteristic double line into two columns ; this ruling is found to run from the

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and fleshy origin from the anterior and PERONE, (From 7mg&>, to fasten ; so outer part of the fibula, its fibres continu- called because it fastens together the tibia

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villers-au-Bois, "standing to" and ready to pull out on a mo ment s notice. Nobody seemed to know where Fritz had been stopped or if he had been stopped. If ever an army was in panic -

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Antherpetic [ant-her-pef -ik") [avri, against ; cptrrig, herpes]. I. Efficient against herpes. 2. An effica- Antherythrin {anth-er' -e-thj-in) [fofof, a flower; ipv-

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fntiiiea ttf Ihe Untdus üumpili-d ffom Sittukni Mcdhal Wot'ks, Calcutta, 1H75, B été très utile au hü vaut prot'cBsour dt" Wiirzburg.

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areurately to 8tat« when llie present symptoms first arose, or by- vbiit others they bad been preetxled. Kven in tlie few examples in whicb

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gauze strips for drainage, on old theoretical grounds. Clinical recovery of patients I and III, post- (or propter) He concludes tuberculosis of submaxillary and cervical

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like distension of the abdomen below the umbilicus, causing a retention of the stool and flatus, and produce (colic) pain (S'ula), itching and urticarious eruptions

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Mark 1 at the time of nerve agent exposure, and who dote (.Mark I), reduces the severity of nerve agent to be opened for use. They are responsible for carry-

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is difficult. A combination of these methods has been tried, viz., to plug the tube with gauze ; but again the end of the gauze which

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perpetuity, under competent management, with proper provision Gates then suggested several funds for different areas of work — ''a great fund for the promotion of a system of higher

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c.c. or more, as shown on the scale on frame, should be left for compression. An ordinary bic.ycle pump is now screwed on to the valve in the top cap, the tap at base

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the same number of electrons, will have identical chemical behavior: they will bind in identical fashion to other atoms. Chemical separation, developing a

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Introducing the T. Rowe Price Capital Opportunity Fund. Our new, aggressively managed fund invests in carefully selected

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womb be open, push up the hand to the cavity of the womb, and having found the head, bring it down with the fingers fixed

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wise be used as preventives. Vinegar, good lemon-juice ana other vegetable acids are also excellent anti-scorbutics. In severe cases,

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Ostentorum" (p. 397), published in 1557, states, upon what authority I know not, that in the year 1112 joined twins resembling the Biddenden phenom-

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Asthenology [as-then-ol' -o-je) \_asthenia ; 16yog, Asthenopyra [as-then-op' -ir-ali) [asthenia; nvperdc, See Laryngismus stridulus (Illus. Diet.). A., Alve-

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gunshot wound of the scalp, with contusion of the skull. He was, on September 2d, admitted to the hospital of the 3d division.

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observed that there are several kinds of sulphur, differing in colour. There is, for instance, the yellow, the yellowish, that which is red in a greater or

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in the lymphatics, but it remained for Sampson Handley to show the importance of ' lymphatic permeation ', or actual growth of cancer cells,

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uhich is a brilliant example of what is sometimes jHJssible in this field. The tunK)ur was about the size of a walnut, and after its removal, the

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equal divisions numbered from the top downwards. The quantity of test acid used is then at once seen. This con- measure (10 grains) is equivalent to one grain of pure


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