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voyage it is ill, for it betokeneth ftaying j and that the pcrfon or his horfc (hall be hurt by the way on the houfe and of the Element cf the Earth, And therefore

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located on the two sides of the brain. Orcbrul mrcinomntu, wliicb m-e metamorpliosw, bccoine yellow and cliecRy in the middle, ulirinli,

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butt resting on the ground, when a large shot or shell passed between himself and his rifle without touching aither or moving him from his position.

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the thorax. Empyema is, therefore, a somewhat frequent secondary complication of wounds of the chest. It is a subject that has been so fully illustrated by examples in the

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The fffitus presents Qormally and in s favorable poiiitjon, bat there is a deficiency of the expelling powers. The mother a usoalljr

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Martin, Alfred Eugene, M.B. Camb., Fremantle, W. Australia. Martin, Antony .A lexander, M.D. Lond., Eastbourne. Martin, Arthur James, M.D. Lond., Bloxu-ich, Staffordshire.

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swelling, however, af\er two or three weeks, gradually subsided. The wound remained very painful afterward, and renewed In March, 1869, Examining .Surgeon W. W. I'otter reports this pensioner's disability as three-fourths and permanent.

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said, with success. Calomel is undoubtedly often an useful purgative. The best exercise is riding on horse- If a viscid bile occasion this disorder, which is known

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congestion and tenderness if there is a lesion of the fifth. Tenderness at the spine of the fifth lumbar vertebra, is not diag-

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Give diagnosis, prophylaxis and control of avian diphtheria. Diagnosis: Due to same etiological factor aa chicken-pox and

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administration, process hazards, contamination hazards or public health hazards, and which will not result in mass hysteria on the part of employees or the public, or

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young, muscular (in frame\ strong, or is possessed of an indomitable courage and fortitude, proves readily amen- able to healing measures and applications ; how much

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when he began to grow larger, until, having readied his majority, he measured 7 feet 2 inches in height and weighed about 340 pounds. He remained well and

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dans les propagations infectieuses n'a pas dépassé la phase élémentaire. Quant à la participation des rats à Textension de la peste, on en ignore

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bility, nutrition, and secretions of parts, accord- as irregular, cellular-like deposites, or as infil- ceous matter, or from the infiltration or imbibition

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Shipman explained that the unpredictability of weapons effects was making biomedical experimentation increasingly difficult. "All too often preshot estimates of yields etc. are

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Wardsville high sch., Toronto Normal; grad. Western Univ., London, Ont., 1886; m. 1878, Annie McMillan, Hillsburg, Ont.:


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when this is perceived it is sought to remedy it by restraint. Al- most inevitably this results in re-action and serves to intensify the

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sulfathiazole was particularly beneficial in staphylococcic infections, and subsequently combined an improved, stabil- ized solution containing the drug with d, 1-desoxyephedrine

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These are they who pass by on the Jericho road. Be you like the Good Samaritan, and follow the example of his virtue. Then God will so enlarge your gifts that in helping the sick you shall suffer no lack. All that you need shall be given

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in the hospital under your charge during the time specified, you will so state in your letter All of the reports above alluded to will, when compiled, be forwarded directly to the

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1896 Breuer, August, M.D. Frieburg, 10, Finsbury-circus. e.g. 1805 Brewer, Alexander Hampton, \'.W>. Richmond-road, Dalslon. x.i:.

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50 ounces of blood were taken. Between the time of Dr. Dewees' visits, not more than an hour, the hair anterior to the coronal suture turned white.

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(1911-1917), during which the officers of the college and the dean's commit- tee (with Dr. Charles E. Rahlke as chairman) were endeavoring to interest

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the ball was cut down upon and removed. He did well until the Uth, when the ligature separated, and intennediary haniorrluage

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this sketch cannot be better completed than by quoting from the Journal of the Legislative Assembly of May 6, also an " Prayers having been read, the Hon. Mr. Ross rose and spoke

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and from the lungs. The writer of this aphorism was evidently a supporter of the Pneumatists, who tried to to TrvevfJM ei;(o (peperai 777509 to prj irapaTrepireiv 1

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other means ; agentle, not a violent heat, canadense. is in this instance employed, because a SACCHARUM ALBUM. White or refined

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the colon account for the less liability in wounds of this portion of the intestinal canal to extravasation of the frecal contents into the peritoneal cavity. The disposition of the

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extend as far as the hypochondriac region, because the lower part of the abomasum insinuates itself beneath the costal cartilages and causes a

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Impact of Increasing Saudi Ownership Participtation 232 ELINOR NICHOLS, ROGER NICHOLS AND THE TRACHOMA PROJECT: 1956-1982 249

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patients, (> are dead and 17 living, while one is lost sight of. Three patients are well after five years ; 10 have lived three years, one prob-

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diseased; (5) as an ordinary orthopedic measure, extension should always supersede brisement force as long as tenderness exists."

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