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This is described by Babes and Starcovici as prevailing among sheep in the delta of the Danube, and held by them to be identi-

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Though he did not lose consciousness, he was dazed and had to lie down for two hours. Nervousness, chronic headache and insomnia, even in billets, followed. His imagination

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breathing, cauaed hy the annihilation of the nervous in- fluence of the par vagum, may he temporarily removed by III. But tho most important part of tJie genera! economy

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was safely removed the next day, and he returned home after About the year 1850, an agitation arose to found a Protestant

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ben onderwesen, daartoe men hamer of vyl gebruikt, als alleen dat ik heb geBien hoe men het staal hart en tempert en een dril maakt, waarmede men een gat in yser koper

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and there may be suppuration only or ulceration of serosae and The question of the primary identity, or disparity of the whole

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Granger, Edgar Briddeu, Little Milton, Wallingford. Granger, Fariugton Marsden, 18, Nicholson-street, Chester. Grant, Alfred James, M.D. Brussels, 6, Queen's Club-terrace, av.

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sufficient quantities, yet when these are soon affected, idiosyncracy, and very generally in scorbutic habits, there is no opportunity for its power being communicat-

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Latent, la'-tent. Concealed; not manifest. L. Heat, absorbed heat without an associated elevation of bodily temperature. L.

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intestine at the junction of the cecum and ascending colon. The arrange- ment of the coils of the small intestine varies, but generally the jeju-

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since he was wounded. Immediately after having received the above-described wound, while being carried from the field of

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J>obo.Itah.4.4;tlmes . "M"'"""-' 10-15 grs. Ai-pii.-.l in .sti,i.t'lli Other products include Afridol Soap. Alyjpin, Asurol, CItarin, Coryfln, Euquinine,

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on ausculting the chest during speech. R., Amphor'ic, a sound resembling that produced by blowing across the month of a bottle.

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Benign Conditions in Childhood," Radiology 74 (1960): 889-904. For more information on the work of Eugene Saenger, please see chapter 8, "Total-Body Irradiation: Problems

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we thus see the connection of haemorrhoids with the general health, independent of any venous, connection with the liver. In these cases, the parts inflamed are

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patterns and Beach"' observed that male rats performed female mating behavior. The latter author concluded that the stimulus situation is the

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Examinations are conducted in the Anatomical Theatre by the Pathologist, who also gives practical Instruction in Patliological Anatomy and Histology.

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each meatus. The scrotum was divided into three compartments by two raphes, and' each compartment contained a testicle. The anus at Wrth was

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one has to be willing to sit down and listen rather titioners know that. So often people are told to get hfe! Because this is the real social disease — the

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IrAsUy, pro[)hylaxU rcq\iire« the aroidancc of all those causc-s which 'Xptibhj to the action of the poison, little probability as there is of

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Cetylate [se'-til-at). A salt of cetylic (palmitic) acid. Cevin (se'-z'in). C,;H„NOg(Cj;H,5NOg) (FlUckiger). Ceyssatite (ses'-a-fit) [Ceyssat, a village of Puy-de-

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a long cleft in the smooth surface of the sandstone; I have seen them in the Wolf Mountains, Montana; in the Big Horn range, Wyoming; on

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(Schluss-) Kapitel des II. Teils werden auch Aeusserlichkeiten geschildert : die alten und neuen Bauten, Organisation, Verwaltung und statistische Ver-

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ment des psychonevroses de guerre. Marseille med., 1916-17, liii, 936- Vincent, Cl. La reeducation intensive des hysteriques inveteres. Bull, et mem.

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and Kivtjais (kiveu, 'I move,') ' motion. Excessive cuation; a flux. — A very violent, critical effort, h. dit Foie, Hepatohainia — h. de la Motile epi-

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dollar for three years for the purposes of the institution. It passed the Senate 23 to 8, locating the hospital at Peoria. When it came up for con-

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which are exceedingly curious, and one, Ckrvnologia Mystica, is of a magical character. as a youth. This was a position of some importance, and it was offered him

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affect him, he drinks two, three or more tumblerfuls of water and blood-warm is best, though cold is useful till he vomits, the effort

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promised neither benefit to the recipient nor new scientific information. The transplant was reportedly done with the consent of the patient, but without

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tasc, possedaient cette faculte pour la Iangue latine. tl L'ap- parition du meme pbenomene n'est pas tres rare d.ins toutes

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K Eaaential eause ia tiie bacillus tetani. Accesaor; causes : traumas, I especially punctured wounds, oastrutioii. amputation of the tail,

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CASE 2046. The case of Private George I. Grothers, Co. H, 22d N. Y. Cavalry, aged 21 years, has been briefly adverted of the biceps emerged two inches posteriorly, above the external condyle. The brachial artery was probably severed, the

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of this to linen ; yet, we think, we have placed then- different merits on such a foundation as will elucidate of woollen ; and, where this material is not used, we

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1887 Wordsworth, William John, St. John-street, Mansfield. 1862 Worle} , William Charles, 103, Green-lanes, Finsbury-park. n.

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the 152 matriculants of the class of 1890; more and better equipped labora- tories were needed, and the dispensary rooms were crowded. The school

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hyperesthesia. The wound healed quickly, without compli- August 5, about 10 o'clock at night, the man then at his dep6t tried to commit suicide (motive not related with

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iBSed (HI economical grounds as a sulxsUtutti for clavlclilorllrc, ntwwcred Uie Bame purpoae. Lucnl a))str!ictiu[LS of blood bIiouIcI be limited to

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this group — thiamin, riboflavin and nicotinic acid, therapy of the frank deficiency states; (2) therapy of early or preclinical deficiencies; and (3) therapy

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tion, and are of sufficient size to accommodate the number of pupils in attendance; to inspect all proposed sites and plans for new school houses,


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