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ish concretion of a silvery white colour, and bril- nalis bends the thigh on the |>alvis, and carries muscle, situate at the anterior part of the clicsl.

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Vogel, .... Intended also as a supplement to the third edition of the Handbook of photography. Translated from the German

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aus dem importierien \sacer\ ijptis äberseizt {vergL K. N, B. 640, 886, 134); Utzteres ist wohl geiviss nur s= Brotseuche plus Infections-Seuche

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Eburite [e'-biir-it) \_ebur, ivory]. An artificial ivory Eburnated (e-bur'-na-ted) \_ebur, ivory]. A term ap- Ecclasis [ek-kla'-sis) \).KK'ka.v, to break in pieces]. A

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which the rice-eating poorer population do not. The same re- marks apply in measure to the mandarin and plebian classes in

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the articulation was greatly improved, and the patient could readily partake of solid food. On April 8th, he was transferred


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    Information you can provide your investigator before initiating the investigatons.

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