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formances have been witnessed by the spectators of our large circuses. derful power of maintaining equilibrium with agility and strength. The

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watchful nurse rescued this appendix from the bed pan we should still labor under the delusion that m\' patient's anatom}- remains

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ment, exposure, and neglect consequent on the wedding tour. No man, for instance, would think of postponing his marriage on account of a

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anterior opening. The man can take off his cap without difficulty. Some stiffness of the muscles exists, which is rapid! v passing

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coniidcrablc time previouily to the operation, and the only For these short hiitorical pnriieulars I am chiefly indebted

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1. A. Pe- \ Divides ialo A. peroTusa antica &nd A. peroncea lar, Circuiufle.v artery — a. Brachiocephalic, Inno- ininata arteria — a. Central of the retina, Central

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sliifrffisIiiicEfi : tlic liftart and puIsR In'at efowly, respirations aro rare, ihc ixiwcls constipated, sccrclioo of urine scanty, and, perliaps aa a

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same, in the groin or just above it. As the condition progresses these pains extend to the back, and later on pass around to the front. The

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metal upon his skin. The professors of the Berlin clinic, however, consid- ered it worth while to lecture about the man's skin, pronauncing it an inex-

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Ihey defcribe alfo a kjng and the Southern or meridional it feemeth naturally to refemble the member of generation. are wont moreover to fay, rhrice, for many times , to 'wl

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tin! disease to a i-t.nit.tigi urn tininiiitiiiii. It wits si ill confused with measles, which (1749). Experimental inoculations of measles were made by Francis Home

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the preparations whereof we give in many other books, so it does not seem extracted colour may be called a Tincture, which, indeed, tinges with a per-

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compUcated irritation wKiirh miat frequently rxisis iti (he luDg« p«ated vcfie«o<:iion only icndt to render the vholc capillary

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future, so much needed by the early settlers, could be taught and trained. Even St. Louis then was a long way off by river boat or on horseback. And Chicago

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bid excitenicat (symptoma of irritation), partly by ftymptoms of tonin- outset. It is commonly niippnAed that thia diffcrMice of eymptotna

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Now Board Hill in Sussex is, and has long been, a well-known place as the residence of the Boordes. It is a small Elizabethan

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be begun. This is Sulphur. Then there is necessary a property- or virtue. This is Mercury. Lastly, there is required compaction, congelation, unification.

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cementing substance conjoining the sarcous elements, puscles, Norris' Invisible (Illus. Diet.). D., Isotro- pous, D., Lateral, D., Light. See D., Interstitial. D.,

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complete loss of power to raise the arm, a very trifling degree of abduc- The sensory effects are characterized by pain, numbness or

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Library), The Oxford Publishing Co., Chicago, 1896. This is an indis- pensable historical contribution for the period of approximately 1850 to

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the Wildi'rne.fs, Virginia. May 6th, 1864, by a conoiilal nui.sket ball, which fractured the left parietal bone. He was admitted to

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medies, as their organic nature alone affords the elements required for reiiudowment of the system with vital force. Minerals are lifeless, and

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