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right in .saying that most patients are at least as likely to be able to continue their ordinary duties in life with non-surgical as with surgical

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when pierce 1 at the roots. ... ... ... 209 — 215. Nursing and Manigement, etc- of Pregnant Women from the day of conception till parturition :-- General rules. — Especial Regimen

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particular, not only about the substance of the Reports, but also about spelling and punctuation, and numerous anecdotes are preserved of his

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ance, and Perry's victory on the lake, and Harrison's victory on tl\e Thames put an effective damper on British hostilities in the west. The

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So, to add to the already considerable list of physicians, came Dr. Reynolds from Bracken County, Kentucky, to settle in Kaskaskia.

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was used, whereas the same quantity of ine.xpensive sufficiently secure for most purposes. It is better emergencies in medicine. Its recognition and treat-

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of the present medical regulations of the German army (Frolich). The direc- tions for the disposal of the wounded and the minute assignment of duties to

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in men under peace conditions were exliaustion and emotional strain. The exhaustion caused by long days of forced marching

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Artacsecas, in great favor with Xerxes, was the tallest Persian and measured 7 feet. John Middleton, born in 1752 at Hale, Lancashire,

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while cutting through the latter, and extended during the incision of the former. This will produce a more convenient stump, without adding to the patient's pain.

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June 29, 1802 May, 1803 ; Priv. K. S. Moore, Dr. J. J. Chisolm. Shot wound of crest of Supra -pubic..! Recovery .. Dr. 1!. L. Madison. Shot perf. of ischium.. I .ilateral Recovery..

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of sublimated mercury by itself in another vessel. Leave it until it is dissolved in the water mentioned above. Into the water named before put

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be made to sit, looking simultaneously (with his two eyes) at (the tip of) his nose. Then the intelligent surgeon leaving off two portions of the white part of

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' Galen, in his Comnientar}', remarks that tlie fatal issue of this case might have been anticipated after the return of the fever on the third day, with a complication

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Flood and Mrs. W. R. Fringer. In addition to the references listed below, the catalogues of the various medical schools, the Chicago City Directories,

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1 LEDRAN (Observations de Chirtirgie, Paris, 1731, T. II, p. 205, Obs. XCV) relates a case of caries of the ilium, on a colonel of infantry, on

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Grayish-white, hygroscopic powd.— Sol. in water.- Antineuralgic, Anti- rheumatic— Uses: Intern., sciatica, gonorrheal rheumatism, etc.— Dose:

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the liquid to drain. ofE, and iow the Emed wheat as soon aa JBlight in Tines. A solution of penti. . - of calcium bonate of lime. M. MercenU raiaea the eaxth round the

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itself and is well worth the struggle to grasp understandingly this subject. That vours is the helping hand depended upon by such

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Fournier in the same article mentions that he has seen a woman with ears Strange to say, there have been reports of cases in which the ossicles were

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39 One of the remonstrances of the bill reads as follows: TO the Honorable, the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Illinois:

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March 4, 1874. The wood-cut (FiG. 422) was taken from a photograph in the Museum (Card Photographs, Vol. II, p. 6). A letter from this pensioner, dated


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in Abqaiq and Ras Tanura, and the arrangements with contract hospitals, which he supervised as liaison officer for Medical Services. His

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nas vel tres ; exprime, et adde jEtheris Sulphur., 3iij. ; et interdum Tinct. Lavandul. Comp., 3iij., vel Extr. Ruta vel Extr. Taraxaci, jiij. M. (Dosis 5SS.-5JSS.,

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Apply it twice daily at first, and from that to only once in two days, for from one to two weeks, will, and has cured wretched bad cases, so saj's old Father Pinkney, of Wayne

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following constriction, congestion, inflammation, and pus-forma- tion. Let us examine the neck carefully, and see if it is con-

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kept up for months, the patient himself learning how to use the proper iiistrument, and introducing it at longer and longer intervals for a year or

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appeared to have developed as a direct result of being blown lip by a shell, and Captain C. Worster-Drought described two

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there was little fever and no diarrhoea. The course of these cases, which probably result from intestinal infection, is much more rapid. In a

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Patella. A very practical splitit for fracture is de- straps, and felt pad. In the illustration parts 1 and 2 have a semilunar inlay of sole leather to make them

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jenseits des Oceans für eine Pflicht der akademischer Lehrer hält, diesen Sinn schon hei der medizinischen Jugend zu erwecken! Die vorliegende Eröffnungs-

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" At a meeting of the Medical Practitioners of the Eastern District of Upper Canada held lately at Cornwall, it was unan-

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interne at St. Luke's Hospital, 1896-99. Associate in County Hospital, 1906-7. Associate professor of physi- cal diagnosis at University of Illinois College of Med-

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Gall, Ox, Inspissated, IVIerck.— Purified, Clearly Sol. Laxative, Digestive.— Uses: Typhoid fever, deficiency of biliary secretion,

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severe and protracted uveitis, with light perception cornea, nor was the ulcer larger in diameter than a of using a corneo-scleral suture in cataract surgery,

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in dyspnoea, produced by a redundance of a recrementitious humour which is sent from the head down to the chest, and by lodging there proves injurious to the parts contained in it, they

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population, it is their only source of wealth that determines their economic survival or well- being. The Lancaster House Constitution (or independence agreement) forbade the then

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scale was made by Leuchs in 1909. Ornstein has since immunized horses in 1911 and 1912 at the Berlin Institute of Infectious Diseases, and this

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