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lance-leaved cinchona bark, powdered, diseases of debility without fever, two ounces ; orange-peel, dried, an ounce TINCTURA GENTIANA COMJPOSTTA. Com-
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Eosolate, Ca.,|C,jHjS.jO|,).;, a sulfosalt of aliphatic creasote esters containing 25 % of creasote and occur- ring as a gray powder soluble in 10 parts of water.
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rische Studie. Von Dr. Max Sichel, .... Leipzig, M. W. At head of title: Aus der Stadtischen Irrenanstalt in Frankfurt a. M.
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The diagnosis of pneumo-thorax, and even of its varieties, does not, however, enable one to form a prognosis ; the important point is to
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of excisions at the wrist : "Without exception conservative expectant treatment was attempted. The results (3 fatal I after secondary amputation)
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the knee, with early locomotion on a high patten. The period of retention for unilateral cases has been from a year to eighteen months, the attitude main-
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the staff The staff consists of the matron and a probationer, besides the cook, who also acts as a general servant. . . . The
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some fragments of hone Avere extracted and tlie ragg'ed wound dressed simply, and the ribs eonliued by a broad ehest bandage
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The physicians of Chicago have recently constituted a society for the improvement of their profession to be known by the name of the Cook
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t Here semen would mean the testes, the receptacle of the semen. boiled milk only should be taken and no clarified butter should be
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to do so. Keep moving about while you have power, and apply friction to the numbed parts of the body ; take up some snow
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common cause of abscess in the ear is taking cold, although picking the ears with hard, sharp instruments sometimes seems to excite it. As it is
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pressure on, or irritation of, the filaments which carry impulses to the uterus, while in another case apparently identical in character, the pres-
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glish for publication, have pre- began to practise my profession ; vented me from attempting it ; and that Mr Lemayeur, with the
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R G. R. Scanimon., gr. xij.; tere cum Glycyrrh. Extracti, gr. XX. ; Tinct. Rhei, 3ij. ; Sirupi Zingiberis, 3j. , Aq. R QuercOs Corticis cont., fss. ; Aquae Ferventis; f xiij.
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diseases; foreign bodies occasionally lodge in it ; and in that it is the struc- ture incised in the operation of tracheotomy, for obstructed respiration.
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particular purpose in this case, whereas the alphabetical arrangement brings together related works by the same author and different editions i
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mans are barbarims, but ha doesn' look much like meng will surprise only thase who bave hot been t.ald the ruth abcut war. Passion gets the upper hand of
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Retnc, reime (no att), thickness, plumpness; 24a, 34b; R.A. Rcmrugad, vn., fatten; reimruighid; 8a, 9a, etc.; R.A. incrassari.
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is a swelling at the root of the tongue like a second tongue, (this is probably a swelhng of the epiglottis,) and is produced by the phlegm
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The fffitus presents Qormally and in s favorable poiiitjon, bat there is a deficiency of the expelling powers. The mother a usoalljr
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nounced incurvation forward of the trunk from the dorsolumbar region, with extreme abduction and outward rotation of the
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internal use or inhalation ; marked by abdominal pain. vomiting, inflammation of bladder and kidneys, bron- tained from terpene dihydrochlorid heated with water
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Nothing else will achieve any satisfactory results. By mechanical ap- pliances the spine is rendered straight, and compelled to maintain that
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milk. Thus, also, fat cannot be produced in their organ- ism, because, besides fat, they do not consume any non-ni- trogenous food. But starch, gum, and sugar contain, even
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ear or bell of a stethoscope is applied over the vertebral spines from the seventh cervical spine downwards while the child speaks or whispers
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earth worms have brought the bacillus to the surface, (Lortet, etc. ) become more or less active agents in disseminating the virus. In
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alternati\c, digestive remedies should be prescribed. are curative in the disease under discussion (Amalisara) VacJid, and SauvarcJiala-sdih ; or of (6) CJiitraka, Pippali-
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at Chicago and San Francisco and by others at Memorial Hospital in New York City. Once again, the primary subjects were patients, although some healthy
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lance-leaved cinchona bark, powdered, diseases of debility without fever, two ounces ; orange-peel, dried, an ounce TINCTURA GENTIANA COMJPOSTTA. Com-
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it was in nearly all aspects of American life. It was a great wrenching experience in American history, spreading death and
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S. Musschenbroek (1639 — 1682) war seiner Zeit ein bekannter Instrumentenmacher, dessen Mikroskope sehr gesucht waren. Lange
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A soldier was picked up insensible in the public street and brought to hospital by ambulance, unconscious, breathing stertorously, pupils dilated, lips parched, unresponsive to
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einen Briefe aus dem U. S. Patent Ofiice in Washington, vom 14. Juni T847, wohin er sich wegen Erlangung eines Patentes gewandt hatte.
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Fiske Fund Prize was awarded, July 11, 1861. In one small octavo volume, S3 pages, extra Professor of Midwifery in the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, <tc.
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shown in the man, when both are not alike in form and parts. Undoubtedly reason has claimed our attention and forced us to see and conclude that we must look for that which her make-
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f. This is the rough level of radioactivity remaining one day after each of the explosions, including biologically active and relatively active isotopes. Samuel Glasstone, ed.. The Effects of Atomic Weapons
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settled for by the United States. Recognizing these claims, though the impoverished treasury had many demands upon it, the government
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centralis, a lateral part of the central lobe of the tuberances on each side of the ethmoidal spine of the sphenoid. Alae minores clitoridis, the labia minora.
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hampered, respiration disturbed, and the contour and percussion note of the chest in relation changed, if there is much effusion. "A rich
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Tukhm-i-shambal!lah (Teh., Ham.) . Trigonella Foenum-graecum L. Tukhm-i-sharbati (Ham., Teh.). . . .Ocimum canum Sims Tukhm-i-shivid (Teh.) Peucedanum graveolens Benth. & Hook.
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