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happens to be the part involved, exbibit a marked tendency to tlie occurrence of meningo-cerebral inflammation and cerebral
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oeps {iania canunu, canytrus cerehralia) in the brain. Symptoms : Timidity, nervousnesa, dulness. dilated pupils, droop-
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The Talmud, in general, forbids sorcery, heathen superstition of the Bible was made use of ; the charming of snakes and scor-
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very serious and has extended a long way upwards, it is often better immediately to resort to amputation of the two last phalanges.
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he will still raise his head to loosen it. By this means you will gradually get his head and neck in the position you want him to
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From diseases of the nervous system there were 794 deaths; from diseases of the organs of circulation, 136 ; of the di- tation is still detected in parts of the chest, with
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excited a storm of comment and criticism. In a work of this small tions of what he saw are truthful and sincere, and therefore authori-
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upon the brain, were removed three days subsequently in the field hosi)ital. He was sent to the Harewood Ho.spital, Washing-
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Skinner, of Barton, Vermont, reported, in 1864: "Ball entered left elbow near the junction of the radius with the external
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The physicians of Chicago have recently constituted a society for the improvement of their profession to be known by the name of the Cook
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of the history of Medicine, 1867, dont les 2 premiers volumes, (seuls parus) sont, pour les trois quarts, consacrés à la médecine de l'Inde. La Medicin de M,
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Surgeon L. Dorsey noted on the medical descriptive list that "the ball entered the abdomen about one inch below the last rib
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white mustard seed in the decoction of Madhu-s'igru and taken with the soup of barley, Kola and Kulalttha pulse. The Tilvaka Ghrita (Chikitsa Sthdna, ch. IV.),
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et les muscles avec un couteau recourbé et sciaient l'os presque au niveau de la section, des parties molles; finalement ils suturaient la plaie sans
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from the fact that the temper is rolled in, in place of by same as the old way ; that is, muriatic acid 1 pt., and as much
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The important muscles attached to the first thoracic vertebra, hence necessarily involved by a displacement of this bone, are the levator
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By H. M. Gordin. Milwaukee, Pharmaceutical Review Publishing 1903 is a reprint from the Pharmaceutical review, vol. 22. . A review of the literature on the estimation of alkaloids
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looking upon the two vascular circles of the iris as venous rather than arterial, and by a careful series of radial sections of the eyeball finds
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of exposure. The average risk of cancer incidence for the Fernald radioiron and radiocalcium studies were 0.03 percent and 0.001 percent respectively, and for the
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rities, that a sudden evacuation of the water is attended with Celsus gives a good description of the operation. Some, he
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VI. 'Ev vovaco TroXvXpovij) dairlt) 1 kclI aKprjroi . rj7rt et,\6u> ep,6TO<i, rj Kvy%, f) airaapios, rj II. In a case of diseased bone, livid flesh on 1 it is
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lniversity professors and business friends in England. Herr H. bas also sent us a list of nine firms whose principals he
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transparent substance consisting of tragacanth, 4 parts ; acetone, 30 parts ; glycerin, 46 parts ; water, 18 parts ; Glycerophosphate {glis-er-o-fos' -fat). A combination
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sell the milk sterilized. The result has been that four times the number of applications come in that the appropriation will war-
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XIII. — That it shall be the duty of every member to pre- sent alternately a paper on some Medical subject. The se- nior member shall begin, and at every sub-cquent meeting,
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months' duration. She was employed until three months before the lobotomy when rather suddenly she thought that people around the office were saying untrue things
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Michael, Cyril Eden, Crystal Palace Park- mail. s.e. Michel, Arthur George Herbert Hay, 2 .'J, Redesdale-street, Chel- Michels, Ernst, M.D. Berlin, 48, Finsbury-square. e.c.
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skull excised being used as amulets. It is said that trephining is still practised among the Aymaras of Bolivia and the Quichuas
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phrin). is slightly affected, but may remain evident, though greatly diminished, till a late period of intoxication, but the watery excretion
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level of pubic bone. Flap for left side is raised and beneath it are seen the bodies of rectus and internal oblique. — VanHook. (See
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Thoracic Surgery - Dr. Frank C. Detterbeck, Dr. Thomas M. Egan, Dr. Michael R. Mill, Dr. Peter Starek (now retired) Urology - Dr. Culley C. Carson III, Dr. Raj S. Pruthi, Dr.
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Throughout Iran the flower buds are collected to be made into pickles. The light-colored root and the thick root bark are used in
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combat. . . ."' 79 "[W]hen you talk about probable delayed effects possible, unknown, and so forth," Dr. Sells, of the Air Force, asked, "what is the proper
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vaccine and serum tliera])y have been more largely tested in ]uacticc, Tile relation of disease of the nasal accessory sinuses to diseases of
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thighs. It may be divided into fixed and free portions. The free portion is lodged in the prepuce or sheath, but at the time
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are full of interest ; hut only a few may he briefly referred to. Dr. Haldwin had three brothers; Jolm Spread, who came to
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