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daily. July 12th, is no better this morning; treatment continued; this afternoon he is perfectly rigid ; the bowels have been

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pUeaiioa and not a iQatastasiB, as is shown by the lac't that, when any form of carditis develops, the affection of the joint coatiimes as it was

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the patient as a lambative in this case. A bite by a rat of the Krishnai (black) class in foul weather and more fruit and Kushtha with the washings of the ashes of

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a somewhat pungent and bitter taste. The fruit is carminative, aromatic, and tonic. In Tehran the drug is placed in boiling water

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Representing the school are the dean, Dr. E. Albert Reece and Dr. William Weiner, professor and chair of the department of neurology.

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Tetrameridae brazileiras. Brazil-Medico Ann . 31, No. 8. Gastro -helmintose das aves domesticas. Trabalho apresen- Tetrameres fissispina (DIESING, 186) in Philipine chikens.

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confident did I feel in the correctness of my position, I determined to take him before the medical class for the trial. Seizing the first phalanx with my

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depleting treatment is unexpected from a surgeon usually careful and iiccurate in his statements. 1 do not yield to Dr. Chisholm in deprecating the

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mucoid tissue. P., Placental, a fibrinous polypus upon a portion Polysarcia, pol-e-sar'-se-ah. Excessive corpulency. Polysarcous, pol-e-sar'-kus. Pertaining tp polysarcia.

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The other kind is the white, which is also called Magnesia and Bismuth. It has great affinity with Jupiter, and when mixed with the other Antimony it

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divided about one inch before it becomes the brachial. The case is reported by the operator. Of the thirteen foregoing operations for Hgation of the axillary, there were four of what

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these sequels constitute the most distinctive chai-acteristics of yellow fever and comprise the "black vomit," so well known and dreaded as a fatal

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be escaped just as one would escape hordes of animal or swarms of insect pests by shutting them out or killing them before they can succeed in

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variously to malaria, and to the eating of poisonous herbs by the cattle — attacking cattle as well as human beings, attended with

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No. 78. Saturated tincture of scrophularia, one drachm, added to half a tumbler of Triturated macrotin, twenty grains, added to a tumblerful of water.

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appeared containing the first rude attempts at pictorial repre- sentation of dissected parts. These are the so-called "graphic

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them by giving them fig newtons for a drop of blood. We d stab them, take a blood smear, and take the slides back to the

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grafts are often used to hasten cicatrization of integumental wounds. There were grafted together and grew fast. The crow dragged the rat along, and

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grass, red and yellow carrots, succory, are more inso- acidity. 7. Fresh and dry figs. By frying all the sub- stances in butter or oil they become less soluble. If

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Coombe Hosp., St. Michael's Hosp., Kingstown, and to Nat. Hosp. ; vice pres., Roy. Coll. of Phys., 1901-3 ; ex-pres., State Med. Sec,

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ing and hiccough. Its internal dose seldom exceeds five manyof the Asiatics, have, by pressure, given this form to the heads ; and what was at first artificial seems to

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hospital for colored troops at City Point, wliere he remained until August 8th, wlu'u he was transferred to L'Ouverture Hosjjital,

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Rossi, Nicholas P., Dept of Surgery, University of Iowa. Uni- Biochemistry-Biophysics, University of Connecticut, RoChblat, George H., Dept of Biochemistry. Med Coll of

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of treatment (ear-drops and fomentations, etc.) with the Pitta-subduing drugs should be followed in Pittaja- Karna-sula (ear-ache). The use of the medicated Ghrita

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I he body, as 360 bones, 800 hgaments, 500 muscles, 300 veins, and so on. Hindu physiology presupposes that the vital processes are

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control. Since the GEB and the Rockefeller Foundation could not control the institutions directly, they had to rely on people

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ally very valuable. The range of temperature extends from 85 to 92 degrees ; and it is sometimes employed previously to the

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there is no known evidence of the existence of such exotic diseases. It may be assumed that these peoples suffered from contacts with poison-

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from tfao mouUi. Oomsionally then} is n pause in the scnx-rity of the ouaruldons, and vre hope llic attuik will paiui off; but, after n sliort

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formity may be generally overcome more readily than one would have believed, " without cutting or burning, or any other com-

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1891 Knott, Edward Milward, 1, Coleshill-street, Sutton Coldfield. 1897 Knowles, Arthur, Beech-grove, Scarcroft, Leeds. 1885 Knowles, Frederick Joseph, Hardshaw-street, St. Helen's.

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(foftsa), to be afraid. This suffix is used to form words agoraphobia, fear of the market place (dfopd) ; of being anthropophobia, dread of society, man-kind (av6 ptoxoz).

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to Chicago, practicing alternately in Chicago and Ottawa, Illinois, at that time larger than Chicago. Under the terms of the lease of his home in

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observation of similar monstrosities gave, as it were, a reflection of the state of the sky, on which depended all terrestrial things ; consequently, one might

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freely. Water-dressings Avere applied, opiates administered, and a half diet with extras was allowed. A few days before the

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however, to refer the diiferent species described by Nicander to their proper names in the Linnsean classification. (Comment,

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Vincent, Cl. Du pronostic des troubles nerveux d'ordre reflexe. Persistance ou augmentation des troubles vasomoteurs et de 1'amyotrophie malgre une

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on a practically sterile diet for a month or more. Suspensions of the stools were heated to 80° C. for 20 minutes and were then transferred to sugar-

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that it had its origin in the spirits of evil. The early blacksmiths were looked on with considerable fear, and possibly because of this and partly because the

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September 27, 1863. The excised head of the hurnerus, delineated in the accompanying wood-cut (FlG. 411), was contributed to


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