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have been even more justified than they turned out to be. While Pritchett was parrying blows from critics and soaking up support from the medical profession reformers, Flexner was

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sun, dust and smoke, the use of any intoxicating liquor or of any other liquid or oleaginous substance, indulgence in a fit of anger and excessive driving, etc., are strictly

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one who had no personal knowledge of the actual terrain over which the battle would be fought, and didn t care to visit the

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Mr William Whiteley, of Westbourne Grove, London. By Al- fred Barnard London, printed by Sir J. Causton & Sons, '"" Recueil historique de I'olivier. Notions sur sa culture et son

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which, being considered as the emblem of plighted fidelity, is therefore called a true-love knot : a name which is not derived, as one would

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watery appearance, and remain partly open when asleep. The breath- ing becomes difficult, mouth half open, and a black substance (sordes)

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an unknown extract for its gonadotrophic value. This is due to individual as well as strain differences of susceptibility within a species and to very wide

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et fuerunt car mina ejus quinque et mille. Et disputavit super lignis a cedeOy dans le livre de la Sapience, dit que Dieu lui concéda encore la science


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found lymphocytosis in the mildest cases on the way to recovery, and regards it as indicating a favourable prognosis. In the absence of compli-

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material. In mare 4, killed at the 105th day, this material was so thick that it could be peeled out with its almond shape intact. In the other cases, however,

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boards and entrances to hives covered with a yellowish, disagreeable- looking excrement. If the weather becomes warm and pleasant,

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SPIRITUS VITRIOLI. See Sulphuric acid. branch of the vena portac. SPIRITUS VITRIOLI DULCIS. See Spiritus The nerves of the spleen are small ;

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the different processes constantly going on may, in her regular course, have occasioned. Yet the air is ac- cused as the cause of numerous diseases ; and it reallv

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necessary to construct a V-shaped wedge for the support of the dorsal strip, by introducing two additional pieces of bone. The strictest

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this state the oil is less nauseous to the taste, and sits coffee, sometimes in mutton broth; frequently in an emulsion, mixed by means of the yolk of an egg, with

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the sternum. Fluids swallowed continued to flow through the orifice below the sternum for about ten days. Was taken from

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sites — cytoplasm stains pale blue; chromatin stains red. In Grade 3, Grade 2, with Schiiffner's mottling Dis.ssolve o. I gm. of indigo-carmin in 50 c.c. of dis-

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saft von Haarstrang als Leckmittel ; geköpfter Porree 2) ; gekochte Schweine- ftisse in Schlürftrank; oder ebenso grauer Gamander; femer Abkochung

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Mes' mero-ph renol' ogy . A term applied to the con- <f>$etp, 'a louse;' Morbus pediculo'stts seu pedicu- 2'jedic'uli, Pcta'le, Lousiness, Lousy disease, (F.)

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thread as a guide of great value. The patient swallows six yards of silk thread ; this passes down through a sufficient number of coils of

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ferentiation of solid lung from pleural effusions. In the differentiation of solid lung from pleural exudates the only safe guide is the exploring needle, and even

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the program of education which the state's medical society instituted in this matter, and perhaps also on the fact that many members of the State

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umbrella of an institution's multiple project assurance. Further, oversight mechanisms generally are limited to audits for cause

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of the present medical regulations of the German army (Frolich). The direc- tions for the disposal of the wounded and the minute assignment of duties to

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on the work of both demonstrators in addition to his work on the preparation of anaesthetics , also left in the summer of 1916,

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practice. Death was attributed largely to overwork inci Dr. Coleman B. Ransome, Health Commissioner of Roa- noke, Va., died suddenly in his office December 3rd. Dr.

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is said, had the disposal of between 1500 and 1800 cadavers annually. He made over 30,000 postmortems in his life. He was

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conjuncti'va, Tunda oc'idi, (F.) Conjonctive, 3Iem- catarrhal — c. Gonorrhoica, see Ophthalmia — c. sis — c. Cartilaginea, Synchondrosis — c. Ligamen-

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tion can be definitely outlined, it following the intercostal nerve. Fig. 39. — Showing the third thoracic segment with its nerves and their dis-

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Torrefac'tion. Drying by means of high artificial heat. Torsiometer, tor-se-om'-et-er. An apparatus for determining the declination of the vertical and horizontal meridians of the eye.

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article published in the National Intelligencer of February 5, 1821, giv- ing what purported to be resolutions adopted at a mass meeting at Mont-

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just contrary to wliat happened the year before, when tlie north chiefly prevailed; there were but few inflammatory fevers, and these were of a mild disposition, very

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Antimonii Co. (P.L. 1851, mainly Antimonious oxide) was Fothergill used principally the unwashed calx or dia- phoretic antimony, a mixture of antimoniate and antimonite

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attached to the thoracic wall and spinal column that the hand can easily be inserted beneath it. In acute cases the scapulae are drawn together.

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consist in rarefaction of the compact tissue, increase in size of the medullary cavity and Haversian canals, and enlargement of the areola

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VIII dedicated the church on the 18th of November 1626, a hundred and twenty years after the building began. Spalding's Italy and the Italian

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