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or to speak in giving proper expression to their thoughts. The Thesaurus of Medical Terms, then, ought to be of value to all persons who are called upon to state or explain any

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"3. In cases in which the bacteriological cause is as yet undeter- mined, or in wliich the disease-producing agents are not bacteria,

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infectious diseases like cattle plague, foot-and-mouth disease, gangrenous coryza, and as a consequence of certain direct local infections ; other

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(1901), sanitary tactics, the mihtary shoe (1912) and the Manage- ment of Men (1921). All these works, with the various manuals

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Corel's Ear. A large, outstanding ear with more or less pronounced tforgagni's Cartilages. See Wrisberg's Cartilages. M.'s Car-

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Aspirin [<is'-pi)--ifi). Tlie acetic acid ester of salicylic acid; small needles without color or taste, used as an antipyretic and analgesic as sodium salicylate. Dose,

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Cornet. (See Illus. Diet.) 2. A bony layer. C, Ber- tin's, C, Sphenoidal, the anterior part of the body substance from the bark of Coniiis Jlorida. Syn. , Cor-

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or the (\itoi)tron niierocnsniiriini {]()]'.{) of .lohaiin Remmelin (1583 \ of riiii. otic of th(> earhest anatomic atlases with

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quand il fut présenté à Mistress Porter une veuve d'une soixantaine d'années (lu'il épousa à l'Age de 25 ans. On a beaucoup discuté sur la nature des

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rattling of regurgitation, and the straining and creaking of the fluids in their effort to pass through the diaphragm. Until he

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he commenced his practice on the farm he had taken up when he first came to London. The country was sparsely settled then, and a country surgeon had necessarily a long distance to

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more the character of laudable pus, but still preserved its fiecal odor. The patient s condition remained unchanged till April

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pneumonia is the over-distension of the right side of the heart, with conse- quent separation of fibrin in the partially stagnating blood constituting

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Vyosha, Jiraka, Hingu, Sauvarchala-salt, Yava-Kshdra, and with the decoction of (major) Pancha-mula as well curd, and the expressed juice of Mtdaka, with the Kalka

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spreads to such a degree as to encircle the waist. At first several small ulcerations appear collected into larger spots of different sizes and various figures, with

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Constant inople ; (Ret.) äurg.-G encrai Dr. Oeo U. Stermbeho, Washington; Dr. L. Btikda, Med. des Colonies, Vichy; Dr. VI. Waldeteb, Prof., Berlin.

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I C I V76 by Ihe Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine VITAMIN £ AND DESFERRIOXAMINE-INDUCED IRON EXCRETION TABLE I. Total Hepatic Non-Heme Iron and Ferritin Iron."

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p. 291, n. 2 : — Etsi Avicenna cap: de dysenteria, scribat, p. 293, §30.1. 5 : — ut scribit Avicenna cap. de Phleboto-

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