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powerful poison requires very careful management. In obstinate cases it may be necessary to pull out the hair, either by the process of avulsion,

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professional gentleman from the States be found in such neigh- bourhood, he forms an exception from the general rule. There

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It is unnecessary to say much of the mode of operation. 1 The anterior longitudinal incision, commonly known as Langenbeck s method, was the favorite procedure; though a

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„Je tlemande à Dieu tout glorieux son aide {.mur faire aboutir ma tâche la troisitrme partie le-s maladies internes de ToeiL

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Althoogb basilar mciungtliai, particularly its tuberculous fonn, sod miliary tuberculocts of the meoiogee, very rarely oocur in persons pro

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count four bases in addition to the four clusters ; {c) both count eyeballs ; {e) both count wrongly eight bones and one bone in

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Galle der wilden Ziege oder des Bockes aufgestrichen ; auch hilft den' Elephantiasiskranken das Trinken von geronnener Milch sehr; ferner das

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arating walls, with attachments. At this important moment she reads in the specifications that she is expected to run out the

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the disease, is one of the most characteristic features. Treatment. — Isolation should be practiced if possible. Old people

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For the prisoners subjected to testicular irradiation, the Advisory Committee estimates that even the most heavily exposed individual (600 rad to

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ion of molecular weight of 2000 was observed among the various runs. Fig. 2. Radioactivity profiles of mitochondrial insol-

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elRnriam of deromposcd organised matter, animal or ve- getable, or both, and the simple bilious diarrh<Ea will be converted into a remittent bilious fever; and hence, in

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Nevertheless, Hermes, the father of all philosophers, in the " Book of the this is the key and the end of the work, concluding that the ferment is

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documentation of such bioequi valency for atropine. In addition, clearance of serum atropine was more rapid in monkeys than in humans, suggesting a lessor

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CASK 1466. Corporal S. A. Durburn, Co. D, 49th Ohio, aged 24 years, was wounded at Dallas, May 27, 1864, and sent to Nashville, thence to Louisville, and subsequently to Columbus. Assistant Surgeon G. Saal, U. S. V., from the Seminary

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Séance du 7 avril Discussion du thème „Proposta di un catalogo per materia rUnivei-sitt de Maryland, fut élu Président, et le Dr. T. B. Futelier, secrétaire.

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These are tests of iron. Where the iron 21. Nitro-muriate of platina. This salt is in very minute quantities, and the is still more discriminative between potash

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oc'ulum, Leva' tor scu E leva' tor oculi, Superbus, xcleroticien, Droit superieur ou JElivateur de I'teil, teralis, It. capitis lateralis — r. Lateralis Fallopii,

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Man's body is for each of us a growth, but God's will and wisdom are mani- fested in all its developments. The world has by gradual development reached

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darunter einfache Röhre wodurch gesehen wurde und wo durch Ausschliessung des peripheren Gesichtsfeldes die centrale Sehschärfe gesteigert wird. Ref.)

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Philistes in Thasos had for a long time pain in the head, and at last fell into a state of stupor and took first yellow, afterwards increasing and of the colour

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1887 Moynihan, Berkeley Geo. Andw., ]\I.B. hand.. Park-square, Leeds. ,, I Mugford, Sidney Arthur, 135, Kennington-park-road. s.k.

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duced to turn from the evil of his ways and have led to the altar a happy and beloved bride, the very being who had opened

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circumference when its plaits are unfolded are about three ells in length : the intestines plaited on this cir- inner membrane is most strictly its own ; and in it the

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"These facts prove that the thyroid gland produces a substance that is indispensable for normal metabolism. Stated more accurately, the

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Sep)sis, S'lp' rotes, Se'pedon, Putrid or Putrefact'ive ve<l)pos, ' kidney,' and itis, denoting inflammation. <p\cPo;, 'a. vein,' and itis, denoting inflammation.

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edies, this skin specialist' tells us, is impossible percentage of his patients with salt, vinegar, boric — the "colloid bath" — should be used. Bath water


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