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watchful nurse rescued this appendix from the bed pan we should still labor under the delusion that m\' patient's anatom}- remains

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rich in substances which in normal animals combine with thyroid secretion in the blood and prevent the occurrence of thyroid intoxication. It may be

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used by Susruta (§ 27) and Vagbhata (37). The latter is peculiar to the system of Atreya, and is found in the lists of Charaka

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other, the most easterly of which is the property of John Scad- ding, Esq. ; the middle, of James Small, Esq., and that most

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extract produces the most noteworthy results. There are several remarkable recoveries on record, but possibly the most wonderful is the case of J. P.

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gelegt; oder ein adstringirendes Mittel. z.B. Wegwart, Knöterich, Por- tulak, Quittenäpfel, Brombeer, Datteln, Granatfruchte, Myrte; alle diese

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C, Kinesthetic, one in the third left frontal convolu- tion presiding over the motor element in speech. C, Laryngeal Cortical, one in the posterior end of the

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pain is relieved. For this purpose 2 atomizers are held in the left hand while the spraying-bulb is operated with the right. One contains the dichloramin-T in an oily

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applying inductive methods of thought to medical mat- ters. Galen saw that scientific medicine must be based upon a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology,

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By H. M. Gordin. Milwaukee, Pharmaceutical Review Publishing 1903 is a reprint from the Pharmaceutical review, vol. 22. . A review of the literature on the estimation of alkaloids

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whether the mandrakes which Rachel sought «f Leah (Genesis xxx, 14-16) were for the former purpose or to ease the pangs of childbirth. Dioscorides

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or cases in the Pliilosophieal Transactions, in the Ephemeridcu. and cited in an incredible number of collections. There was a second Prussian cultrivor,

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case of Pushkarikai, all kinds of cooling measures should be applied and the vitiated blood should be extracted case of the Sparsa-ha(ni type of the disease, blood

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74 I-i-i-zi. Z in zi pronounced as in azure. This chorus is used 75 Inkosi yotnhlaba, The chief to whom the land belongs, an

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which contributes only to the germination of scanty and yellowish sprouts, should be looked upon as permeated ground with an ash-coloured or ass-coloured (grey , soil,

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recommended in Pittaja affections. Persons, suffering from diseases due to the action of the deranged Pittam Lodhra bark, to the exclusion of its inner lining, should

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Dr. Charles Nicolle. Dr. Paul Boaulavon (1869—1901). Revue méd. de J. Nicolas. La médecine dans les oeuvres de Sidoine Apollinaire (430 — 489).

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the first phalanx of the thumb ; a portion of tape, about two yards in length, is then placed upon the leather, in that form

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entation des blesses, in Bulletin de I Acad. de Med. de Belgique, 1871, T. V, p. 91) cites a case of partial excision of the clavicle for shot injury, with

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dangereuse [perilous infirmity]. On peut y comprendre biea plus. Encore de nos jours génitale et pas des plus légères. Le règlement que cite l'auteur se trouve dans Becket,

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Do those numbers seem to be realistic numbers to you as to what Dr. Krim. I mentioned in my statement that we should certainly

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shock as really neuroses, merely on the ground that Shell- shock is probably neurosis. Laymen will in the reconstruction

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powerful poison requires very careful management. In obstinate cases it may be necessary to pull out the hair, either by the process of avulsion,

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professional gentleman from the States be found in such neigh- bourhood, he forms an exception from the general rule. There

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It is unnecessary to say much of the mode of operation. 1 The anterior longitudinal incision, commonly known as Langenbeck s method, was the favorite procedure; though a

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„Je tlemande à Dieu tout glorieux son aide {.mur faire aboutir ma tâche la troisitrme partie le-s maladies internes de ToeiL

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Althoogb basilar mciungtliai, particularly its tuberculous fonn, sod miliary tuberculocts of the meoiogee, very rarely oocur in persons pro

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count four bases in addition to the four clusters ; {c) both count eyeballs ; {e) both count wrongly eight bones and one bone in

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Galle der wilden Ziege oder des Bockes aufgestrichen ; auch hilft den' Elephantiasiskranken das Trinken von geronnener Milch sehr; ferner das

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arating walls, with attachments. At this important moment she reads in the specifications that she is expected to run out the

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the disease, is one of the most characteristic features. Treatment. — Isolation should be practiced if possible. Old people

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For the prisoners subjected to testicular irradiation, the Advisory Committee estimates that even the most heavily exposed individual (600 rad to

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ion of molecular weight of 2000 was observed among the various runs. Fig. 2. Radioactivity profiles of mitochondrial insol-

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elRnriam of deromposcd organised matter, animal or ve- getable, or both, and the simple bilious diarrh<Ea will be converted into a remittent bilious fever; and hence, in

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Nevertheless, Hermes, the father of all philosophers, in the " Book of the this is the key and the end of the work, concluding that the ferment is

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documentation of such bioequi valency for atropine. In addition, clearance of serum atropine was more rapid in monkeys than in humans, suggesting a lessor


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