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initial revelations about the Tuskegee syphilis study, several bills were introduced in Congress to regulate the conduct of human experimentation. In February 1973
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cuss the arrangement of the surgery, the preparation of bandages, instruments, and so forth. Then follows as to whether there is a real connection, or whether
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and the argimient of the Theoria Generationis (1759) are far in- ferior to jMalpighi's w'ork, Wolff surpassed himself in the memoir
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ascites, makes its appearance ; debility increases, the urinary secretion becomes more inefficient, urea and other excrementitious matter accu-
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tute a better equipment for the teacher and consultant. He inspired his students with enthusiasm for letters, and taught them
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increased, till stertorous breathing set in on the morning of (October 2d. The treiihine was now a)i))lied over the seat of
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great value in saving hfe, and also in relieving much distress and G. Duncan Wliyte" records a study of 215 cases of cholera treated
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etc.) which can affect, selectively, certain pathwav-; called, however, that the G-A-S is a useful, normal jiliysiologic reaction to stress; only its derailments
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Page 22. (Dr. Sibley accompanied other expeditions of these explorers.) .Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. By Sergeant Patrick Gass, 1904.
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a graduate of the Chicago Medical College and a post-graduate student in the He was born in New York City, February 20, 1849. He matriculated at the
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pbyma. But Arcliigenes applies to meliceris apbronitrum, and double the quantity of hellebore, with hard cerate. But sep-
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CASK 321 -Sergeant P. Fallenstein Co. F, 98th Pennsylvania, aged 28 yea,,, was wounded at Winchester, September 10 1864, by a conoulal ball. He was adm.tted to the field hospital of the Sixth Corps on the same day, and on (I, .
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be made to sit, looking simultaneously (with his two eyes) at (the tip of) his nose. Then the intelligent surgeon leaving off two portions of the white part of
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engraving, or mezzotinto, communicated by His Highnefs Prince Rupert to the author of this treatise, John Evelyn .... The
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XI Sobre a perda da acido-resistencia e a desagregação granular nos bacillos de KOCH em culturas anti- XII Estudos sobre protozoários do mar pelos Drs. J. OOMES DE FARIA. A. M. DA CUNHA e CESAR
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and manure ; and there is, therefore, no difficulty in understanding why in dirty stables infection so readily occurs. The infective agents may be of
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patients are classed as hojxless, the disea.se being not materially influ- enced. 127 cases have for one reason or another not persevered. The
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nates, but advertised that vaccine would be given free to all those who would apply for immunization treatment. Not content with the good
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tinous consistence. The pericardium is slightly thickened, and usually contains a small increase of fluid tinged with blood. The liver usually
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the different processes constantly going on may, in her regular course, have occasioned. Yet the air is ac- cused as the cause of numerous diseases ; and it reallv
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In short, ulcers are further subdivided (particularly) into fifteen groups, according to the presence of the nations as described (before) in the Chapter on Vrana-
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fatal cases, ligations were placed about the base of the pulmonary protrusions. In none of the cases was the wound enlarged or the intercostal space wedged open to facilitate
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obvious to the sight, or by introducing the speculum, if it be a simple adhesion only, it may be separated by a straight in-
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In 1869, Dr. Smith was appointed to the attending staff in the Depart- ment of Venereal and Skin Diseases of the Cook County Hospital. In
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assigns any reason for admitting the treatises into his list of genuine works, and that Galen generally rests his judgment,
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Kpareiv, to rule]. I. The vital principle of an organ- Autocystoplasty [aiv-to-sis-to-plas' -ie) \_avr6g, self; KiW(f, bladder ; ■K'kaaaeLv, to form]. Plastic surgery
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anterior superior spinous process, and about three inches from the border of the right ilium, and passed through the middle of
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Glycerite, Glyceritum, glis'-er-it, glis-er-i'-tum. A medicinal sub- Glycerophosphate, glis-er-o-fos'-fat. A combination of glycerin
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Goonetilleke, Fredk. William, 1, Colville-square, Hijde Park. w. Goonewardene, Andrew Simon Swaris, 26, Gloucester-road. N."W,
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ft Florum Tiliae Europ., ss. ; Rad. Althseae Officin., 3iij. , Flor. Auran., 3ij. ; Aq. Ferventis, Ibij, Macera per ft Sennae Foliorum, f ijss. ; Gentiana; Radicis ccmcis., 3iij. ;
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of the Spine Treated by Mechanical Appliances" by Dr. F. O. Earle of Resolutions on the death of Dr. Daniel Brainard were introduced and
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was originally read before an otological and laryngological society. There are also described a case of endothelioma of the Gasserian envelopes, which
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inner and posterior aspect of the arm to facilitate the escape of pus, which was slight and of perfectly health v character. April
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ratuable alleranU (Jiat chnngi the uctiun of both the ex- cretory aiul al>aorl)enl system, diminishing the irritability
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suffers. In fevers, inflammation of the brain, etc., about 55 will be the proper warmth ; in inflammation of the lungs and bronchitis,
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excision of the elbow : 14 for injury 12 recoveries and 2 donbtful ; 68 for disease 48 recoveries and 20 fatal ; and adds 3 cases operated on by himself, of
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the tentorium cerebelli, a distance of three inches from ])oint of entrance. He became completely insensible, but recovered
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ting the results of their experiments to statistical examination to determine how much confidence may be placed in them. The accuracy of an assay de-
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it is more profitable to fatten and castrate a boar at three years than to keep him longer, but this must depend largely upon his value
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Some were discharged on account of other wounds or mutilations more serious than the head injuries, and others at the expiration of their terms of service. It may be stated as
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pleted the cure in a few weeks, continued use of the acetate of He is at present, December 15, lead produce symptoms like coli-
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" He was tired in his head." " His commanding officer made him drill without rhyme or reason ; he would have been able himself to have commanded with greater intelligence."
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sons often partake of the most extravagant character. He may fancy that he is immensely tall, or inordinately small ; that he is
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extract into normoglycemic dogs with reduced pancreatic mass produces a diabetogenic action. After the interruption of the injection the majority of
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taken at random, and examined by the Chicago Academy of Sciences, twenty-eight were found to be infected with trichinae; but this large pro-
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W. F. Atlee made an incision about one inch long and extracted the piece of shell. There was but little hemorrhage, and no
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