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then strain off, and add 4 oz. of honey j for 2 doses ; iu let the infusion stand till nearly cold, then pour off the Compound Decoction of Linseed. Linseed 4 oz., liquorice

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vaccination is performed, and either fails or the local reaction is feeble. After a time another vaccination is done, which is successful. At or

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Temporofa'cial. Pertaining to the temporal region and the face Temporomaxiliary, tem-por-o-maks' '-il-a-re. Pertaining to the ter

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a comatose condition until his death, Ai)ril Kith, ISCfi, forty-eight hours after the reception of the injury. The history of the

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no unconsciousness followed later. I once examined an express-messenger who had been shot in the occipital region by a weapon of similar size, while

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Lumbricus teres (Ascaris lumbricoides), and Lumbricus hydropicus (hydatids), being a great advance on the Anatomia porci of Copho, the first adventure

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irradiation used is much greater than the amount necessary to reduce the size of adenoids. It is not wise unnecessarily to irradiate the base of the skull and

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.pearancc, proceeding from a long and protracted indigestion or dvspepsia, which is known to bring on almost every kind of disease, and to take place at any period of life. Prof. W.

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or therapeutic agents to be employed in these cases. 39. but non-medicated) clarified butter should be given as appearance and the patient would get relief thereby.

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Dr. Hyde was dermatologist to Michael Reese Hospital in 1883, and the next year he and Dr. MacArthur were on the dermatologic staff at the

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Jikewife empowered, in conjunction with the prefident, to examine and grant teftimonials to phyficians practifmg in the country ; a treafurer, and

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The son was born April 18, 1856, in Chicago. His preliminary education was acquired in a private school, with one year's study in Stuttgart, Ger-

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CASE 1782. Corporal J. Moynehan, Co. G, 91st Pennsylvania, was wounded in the right elbow joint, by a minie" ball, at Gettysburg, July 3, 1833. He was admitted to the field hospital of the 2d division, Fifth

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strong emetics should be as well emplo)-ed in cases of repeated attacks of the fit. Clarified butter duly cooked and prepared with the decoction of Haritaki or \\\\.\\

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IlKmorrhago in gunshot wounds of the Face — ligation of Common Carotid 392, 393 Tabular Statement of thirty-five ligations of the Common Carotid 394

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ment. At time of report (a year later), in best of health. (II) Similar case, following fall from a wagon. An- other fissure discovered, and treatment resulted in cure

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Ophthalmology would be far more practicable, more life-saving. Herbert C. Neblett, M.D -v and cheaper, for towns or counties having no hos-

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and I almost regret to add any other preparations for the same purposes, for fear that some will neglect this ; but as there may be cases where some of the following can be

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TREATISE focuses on macromolecules as antigens, and de- votes several chapters to immunoglobulins. Specific topics • The structure of immunoglobulins and immunoglobulin

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Rivers, W. H. R. Repression of war experience. Proc., Roy. Soc., of Med., Rivers, W. H. R. The repression of war experience. Lancet, Lond., 1918, i,

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linei B « picloQ with the valve C U tt, t)iait opcnt when the pUtoD dcicctida, ifittti through which the vteam riira ibove

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segment which controls sensation to them through the eighth intercostal nerve, posterior division of the eighth dorsal and the great splanchnic

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the bran is more nourishing, but does not pass so well sprinkled with water but not well kneaded, is light, passes easily by stool, and cools. It cools because

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iv. 4, p. 669 ; Pollux Onom. v. 163 ; Origen contra Celt. v. 14, p 247 ; Julianus Or. vii. p. 226 c. The scholiast V on Iliad xxiv. 54, p. 630 Bekk. assigns the fragment to

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brightness, but it is night and'darkness ; for the red brightness transfers no in the white brightness, cokl in tlie red. .Ml fire which is warm is in the

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as an interpreter was due to his general information and the fact that he knew English so well that he could think in it as well as in Miami.

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common, especially in institutions. The area of distribution of the of weight, insomnia, apprehension, vertigo, and symmetrical cutane<jus

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be discussed in this section, comprising, it may be recapitulated, cases of wounds impli cating the ligaments and strong tendons that strengthen them, the bursal sacs and synovial

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established character of diseases, of constitutions, of seasons and of ages ; he must relax what is tense opinion, constitutes treatment. Diseases 1 arise, in

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d'apres I'opioion des plus celebrcs Chirurgiens de Quebec, et de Montreal, a subir una mort penibie ct cruellc, pour une

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throat. It seems that he had often before said that if he got syphilis he would kill himself. Recovering from his wound, he was invalided to Villejuif, Sept. 19, 1916, breath-

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watery appearance, and remain partly open when asleep. The breath- ing becomes difficult, mouth half open, and a black substance (sordes)

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consider what it might mean to move theory from something it calls 'cultural studies' and make it serve the interest of something it called 'cultural geography'" (p. 5).

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the tumor appears soft and white ; all around is redder. Treatment. — Take a slightly cooling and gentle aperient. If the abscess goes on regularly, leave it undisturbed until its point-

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foreign to the style and character of the true writings of Hippo- crates. I shall give a few specimens : — " The species of aliment

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presentames 6. feu notre colleague SABATIEI:, neuf exemples vivans de cette cure." [M. LEGOUEST (Dc la Chirurgie mil. contemporaine, in Arch, gen de

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touch, while that in a case of Pittaja Linga-nas'a is bluish or yellow or coloured like bell-metal. The circular patch in a case of Kapha] a Linga-nas'a is thick, oily and as

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term tor a minute body, central-horn, contained within the centrosome; in some cases it is not distinguishable Centrodesmus (sfn-fro-des'-miis) \_niirpov, center;


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