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foration was exaggerated ; the opening of the abdomen was not a trifling procedure, but introduced risks of its own ; each case must
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" In the Treatment of this Disease if it proceed from tho ill-use of Mercury, Sarsaparilla is proper ; but if it be con-
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nor oppilations nor turn to windiness and in this way it is good, for it is easy to digest, and penetrates easily and agrees, though 165.
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Goodwin, Thoa. Herb. J. Chapman. Royal Army Medical Corps. Goodwin, William Richard Power, Royal Army Medical Corps-. Goonetilleke, Fredk. William, 1, Colville-square, Hyde Park. w.
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Forty days after, a probe catheter entered six inches and evacuated an accumulation of pus. Dysuria, retracted testicle, but no hsematuria. The patient
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Homicide is responsible for the loss of about 8,500 lives a year in the general population of the United States. More han one-half of these victims even now are killed
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Suburban hospitals. Instructor in radiology at Illi- sociate on medical staff at St. Anthony's Hospital; fessor of pediatrics at Illinois Post-Graduate Medical
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sutures were introduced with perfect results. Patient, after the first ten days, made an uninterrupted and perfect recovery,
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us. . . . Brevity, lucidity, and simplicity will always mark the language of the successful expert. ... It is to be deplored that the science of the mind,
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in the region of the heart ; nausea, vomiting, belching and loss of appetite. The eyes become dark greenish, with emaciation of the
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Indes Occidentals, telle qu'on la trouve dans les boocaots de sucre du commerce, excepte que leur enveloppe exterieure a conserve plus d'elasticite, et que l'interieur n'eat pas dis-
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the child the uselessness and the " bad policy " of dishonesty and then putting him on his honor and trusting him fully. In severe cases this
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Salt in excess, the brine of salt meats or fish (containing toxins, ) the powdered soaps used in kitchens and added to swill, mouldy
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Conlon 's cases. The hereditary transmission is direct, and never to males through unaffected females, and the blueness would appear to
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diaphragmatic ; pulse but little accelerated ; consciousness complete. There was some, though not excessive, pain in the lower
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extensive practice. He is described as "a bold, determined and careful operating surgeon." He many times " amputated the
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stances only as help to constitute in health the solids and fluids of the body. . . . Regard manifestations of disease in the human body as evidences
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node of the heart of mammalia.] Riforma mcd., 1922, 38, 385. The demonstration of the sino-auricular node of Keith and Flack by
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ces contrées, les parasites sont encore plus nombreux que dans les pays tempérés; citons simplement les parasites les plus connus: larves de taenia
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for the study of synthesis of hydrocarbons structurally related to the steroids, under the direction of Dr. Byron $2,100 to the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, to
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The requirements for admission were increased, so that every candidate for admission to the College of Physicians and Surgeons was required to (1) pre-
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the quantity, which is too often part of the blood which is carried left to be determined solely by oft" in the form of perspiration :
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reduced one-third. Remove from the fire and distil by a filter. Then to two parts of the water thus strained off add a third part of oil 9. Do this by
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applications were applied to the wound, the bowels freely opened ami generous diet ordered. On May 2llth Ihe wound was was lost. He was returned to duty on June 1st, 1863. He is not reported as an applicant for a ]iensi<m.
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and Surg. Jour., vol. ii.). In one instance, the gland was 6 inches in length, and probably weighed about yj. in a child 16 months old. Dr. A. N. GuNN, of N. Y., has also
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to Journ. Ment. Sci., Brit. Med. Journ., Edinburgh Med. Journ., Amer. Journ. Ment. Sci., etc. Club: University, Edinburgh. Ad-
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left groin. On the 10th, extended necrosis of the ilium was detected by the probe; from this time the discharge from the wound
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received the news, however. Most of us were too dazed to fully appreciate the portent of the communiques. About the uppermost
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