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them may affect a single cavity or the whole heart. From the force with wliifh the blood is propelled in such cases being

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intelligent practitioner, aud repeated as often a9 the urgency of the symplom3 may require. Tho oil of bitter almonds, us

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used in preparing the compound if rain-water is not available. Dallana says further that the affected eye should also be washed with the liquid

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Galle der wilden Ziege oder des Bockes aufgestrichen ; auch hilft den' Elephantiasiskranken das Trinken von geronnener Milch sehr; ferner das

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of, 1701. 4063, f. 105. Hi.,tory of the Old T,.stament," 1688. Hamilton (John), Archb;shop of St. l'w,, copies. 3299, ff. 183, 185.

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commencement du siècle. Maïs à côté de celles-ci, on trouve des faits bien observés et des idées tort justes. Pugnet doit donc être considéré

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chloride of tin. (Said to be of a finer colour, ami more a" oz. of cream of tartar, in 16 oz. of ram water, till reduced

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Christian Wilhehn Hufeland (17(32-1830), of Langonsalza, professor at Jena (1793) and Berlin (1800), was one of the great

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they create viable niches in the policy environments of today's African State, and keep their souls Proponents of postmodernism and postdisciplinarity may criticize

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nary, conceived that the cstabliahmem of such an afleccion might be serviceable to theaon, and comcqueaity applied six destrgycd by u single blow. The hiemorrhoidal movemeot be-

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aus Aethiopien gekommen sei, mit der heutigen Bubonenpest identisch wäre. 2) Ebensowenig stichhaltig wie diese Fishersche Behauptung ist die, dass

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sufficiently attested. One instance of this may be given. The Quebec Gazette, Sept., 1768, contains the following reference to-

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Gleichfalls wurde in Holland bei Bäckern in dergleichen Umstiinden keine Untersuchung nach der Qualität und dem Gewicht des Brotes ein-

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Goundou [goon'-doo). An affection first mentioned by of two bony, ovoid, symmetric tumors which arise at held by some as due to a central nerve lesion. Syn.,

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appointed physician of Burke County in succession to Dr. Dr. James F. McGimsey, Jr., recent graduate in medi- cine of Harvard University, has begun his interneship in

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be continued until the bottom of the fistula begins to heal. It may then be dressed with some soft digestive, of which the balsamum Peruv. or balsamum capivi are

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made public, and together the physician and the com- poser wrote a work on the physiology ol music: Wer ist tinction in musk , Albert Schweitzer (1875 1965), was

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olcmento von den schädlichen üebcrblei bsein und die Keime der mehr wenig Einen sehr wertvollen Anhang bildet eine ganze Gallerie von Bildnissen

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Crossed Belgian frontier and continued on to Frameries (Pop. 12,000), southeast of Mons. Arrived in town in the evening and

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it, it is fatal, and if they vanish suddenly without relieving (49) Item every imposthume, out of which blood or yellow R. A. 963

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oleum mpipmojium "j cpeS • pas Cibi • Nim ponne ]> opep. beup omnipotenf pateji bommi • noptjii • lesu huiuS expelle biabolum a pamulo cuo • ]S • - 'j epebo •

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impregnation of o. by several spermatozoa. Polyspermy. laminated part of o. forming the organs. Blastoderm. the three lamina or membranes of the o. 1. Ectoderm,

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pay in full. If the revenues fall short the bondholders will lose, and if they exceed the overplus is to be paid into the State treasury, to be

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the three prime principles are wanting, there .tlso the igneous essence us absent. The Igneous Vulcan is nothing else but Sulphur, Sal Nitrum. and Mercury. — Ibid., c. 5.

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He died in 1724 at the age of twenty-eight, weighing 530 pounds. In 1815 there died in Trenaw, in Cornwall, a person known as " Giant Chillcot."

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A bullet glancing from his gun barrel November 28, 1914, wounded a man in the head, whereupon he lost consciousness and was carried to a hospital and trephined. On coming to,

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pose and the self-denying stoicism of his private hfe, as summed up in the terse phrases of Stephen Paget: "He never married; he

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citizen, in a wild frolic one night, undertook to climb a lamp- post to extinguish the light. The unfortunate young man fell

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IT God morow, my master ! Goed morgeuy myh § hern ! a talk in German Mih lezier hern, wets me de reighten weg to de awnderstot

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sufficient to lead to what may be designated a cure in at least 40 to 50 per cent of cases, provided the case is seen early enough and the

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should be taken down after being heated and then one of these draughts should be sprinkled over its contents and then again heated and again sprinkled over with

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1884 Openshaw, Thomas Horrocks, M.B. Durh., C.M.G., 1G, Wimpole- 1899 Opzoomer, William, M.D. Montreal, 14, Darling-street, Montreal.

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Married Lucy J. Vogelsang, July 14, 1917, at Chicago. Military Service: First Lieutenant, M. R. C., U. S. A.; throat at Rush Medical College, 1911-17; pediatrics

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however, that the outline I have given of the work of a general hospital in France will give some idea of the nature of the work as -w-ell as the methods of dealing with some of the

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et les muscles avec un couteau recourbé et sciaient l'os presque au niveau de la section, des parties molles; finalement ils suturaient la plaie sans

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be sure to regulate the quantity accordingly as the stomach can As regards water-treatment proper, everything that is calcu-

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that Ukto are a great naraber uf mecUciafS vtuclt, for a irbilc, to do rockI, but which aflGrnmrd loil as tliougli tlic system had

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not arrived; the army was largely incapacitated by an epidemic of influenza ; and it was too late in the season for an effective campaign ; so

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creta compositus cum opio, are often essentially ne- The safest astringents in diarrhoea are the opiates, espe- cially if joined with ipecacuanha. The tormentil, theca

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tic name of arsmart. See Persicaria. has seen instances of polypuses so much PoLraoxuM SELEXOIDES. Parsley break- enlarged as to force down the ossa palati.

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the cavity of tlie abdomen. The peritoneum was then separated from the iliac fossa and pressed toward the linea alba. Dr. S.

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potassium citrate. Short attacks of fever, accompanied by shivering, nausea, coryza, and increased broncliitis, were always accompanied by an increase

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water, and afterwards apply to the wound the Flowery powder, until the cure is completed. But if mortification attack the

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