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of infusion. The bitter principle is called Qnassin. S. offieina'lis, Euon'ymus, Bitter Simaruba, Jfonn- cicrn seu Querci'ncB seu Tincto'ricB, Ji'ux GallcB,
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Kennedy, Islands of White: Settler Society and Culture in Kenya and Southern Rhodesia. 1890- 1939 , (Durham: Duke University Press, 1987); and Charles van Onselen, "Witches of Suburbia"
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probity, education, and condition in life," might be «leemed " Ht and proper to practise the profession of law." The only recjuire-
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This notice appeared, March, 1839 : " Died, at his residence on Yonge Street, Dr. James McCague, native of Monaghan, Ireland,
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and Time has added to the great admiration and respect we had for the man. He was cheered to the echo at the end of his speech
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had brought us from Constantinople to cure the wounds me immediately for having done so, if it were not for the Khater ( favor ) and for their regard for their friend, the
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ends, which can be passed round the limb, and tied. It should always be borne in mind that the chief art in applying band-
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irrl ro irXelov, i)v 7] re oBvvrj rreTravpLevrj y kul (8 L.) XXVI. Ilepl pL€V ovv pv(f)y]p.aro<; Trpoa- and more favourable to the crisis than does peplium;
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School of Medicine. Fifth edition. The C. V. Mosby Com- pany, 3207 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 1951. first edition, 17 years ago, "to furnish a practical
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der seine reiche Erfahrung nach H a e s e r in einem Feldzuge in Morea erwarb und, wie er selbst in dieser seiner Schrift mitteilt, die Ent-
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tion has met with favor in many states where it has set up tor of Cramp Shipbuilding Company, in Philadelphia, Pa., has been doing some exceptionally nice work in the rapid
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soluble in neutral liquids, readily decomposed by acids. soluble in neutral liquids, soluble in dilute acids. Small, prismatic needles, or prisms, soluble in O.So
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labor. All of these changes affected the core of the Makua household. The traditional division of labor and balance of power within the Makua family had also been deeply
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are eligible today; for example, herpes osters is not included. This forces people with prodromal symptoms to continue to work
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the support of dominant groups in American society. In Chapter 3 we will see the reasons for this capitalist support, especially
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the parts around which were swollen, doughy, erythematous. immovable, and extremely painful. The parts were freely laid and stimulants were freely given. He had hiccough during the night before, and all the day of the 17th. His pulse \\as
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first of the great Italian writers on surgery, Rogero, no influence over Italian surgery in the next century, and there is scarcely a trace of the surgical knowl
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a paper that was published twenty years ago, just out of Gelpi: I suspect that the problem of pulmonary ascariasis has gone away.
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unlike its rival, continued its sessions during the •\\liole course of the A Noted Surgeon Imbibes His Preceptor's Knowledge but Eschews
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of Cyperus roiundua (niMsiaia), flowers of Woodfordia floribunda (_dhd(aki),'atis, prepared tale and iron, each eight tolis, mix them
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the muscle tissues, witli resultant tibrillary twitching, cramps, and rigors of great severity. There is pallor or lividity, drenching perspira-
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lillo, or coral bean, of southern and western Texas contain a powerfully poisonous alkaloid. The plant is said to have poisoned stock in Texas
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alternati\c, digestive remedies should be prescribed. are curative in the disease under discussion (Amalisara) VacJid, and SauvarcJiala-sdih ; or of (6) CJiitraka, Pippali-
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congestion and tenderness if there is a lesion of the fifth. Tenderness at the spine of the fifth lumbar vertebra, is not diag-
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modern authorities in favour of drinking water as a preventive of calculus. Thus Tissot states that the Chinese, who drink so much water with their tea, enjoy almost
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are used to describe various diseases. Thus, in con- be expressed as " air-borne germs." This expression is applied in one case to venomous swellings, which are
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cago in 1882 and after, which is largely autobiographic. While he was an intern in the Cook County Hospital he set up a bacteriologic laboratory in
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I'orfevrerie frangaise, with extracts from the statutes, ordinances, &c. . Eighth edition. With introductory essay by Christopher
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old age. A fine miniature of Dimsdale was painted by Andrew Plimer in 1790, but was unfortunately stolen from the National Portrait Gallery, London, in 1904,
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interruptions being necessary to keep iij) the effects of the ether. No adhesive straps were employed. Tepid water dressings
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many gaps, whereas the HGP has always been committed to a contiguous, high quality, highly accurate, complete sequence. Moreover, there is a critical need for increased sequencing
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hands of specialists, who were called 8nu. Homer, and later Herodotus (ii, 37) tell us that there was a special- ist for each single disease, and what records we now
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of Fothergill's pen, nor is it written with so much force as his paper on the Stamp Act. It consists in the main of a plea for making peace with America. War had now
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four classes. The process of exhaustion thus indicated shows that he classed as ' reed-like ' bones the following — the phalanges,
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oratory. In 1841, the Whigs elected him to the legislature, and hi.4 service there ended his Whig affiliation. Notwithstanding his open advo-
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loever you make a Figure for any demand, and find this jigure in this houle, it fignifieth that Letters fhall come from fome place, the which (hall fpeak of things
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a man with elvish tricks ; that is to say, an enchant- ment for a sort of fever, and powder and drinks and salve, and if the disease be on neat cattle ; and if the
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absence of the cerebellum in addition to other minor structural defects; this Diminution in volume of the head is called microcephaly. Probably
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Vol. I, preface signed R. Dittmer; vol. 2-5, "bearbeitet durch Hermann Kirchhoff"; vol. 2-4, "unter Mitwirkung des Admiralstabes der Marine".
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